Yotam's 19th Birthday

Yotam's 19th Birthday Lyrics

Hey bitches I'm back to start this party
How can you be back, aren't you still in the army?
Hell no you stupid slut, I'm out and I'm free
Well okay calm down, you don't have to curse at me

And now that I'm out everything's nice and breezy
I can hang out with my G's and throw around a little Frisbee
Yeah we play with Frisbees are you too good for that?
It's actually pretty fun once you get the hang of it. Yeah.

I'm a party animal, I'm a party beast.
Now go get me something off of my wish list
Now I'm handing my mic to my man from the south
Everyone put your lips together for Side Mouth

You bitches don't know me
You don't know my game
I've got the bitches the riches the coke and the fame

All day and night
I got full access to boobies
I also race cars with my boy Frankie Muniz