November 24 2008 Turkeys

November 21 2008 Cuddle Bubble

Molkman, an ABS member from Germany, specializes is the technique of mixing animation with video, often requiring both Flash and a video editor like Premiere. Here are other animations in the same style.

You don't need to be an animator to achieve this effect. Webcam software can do it for you automagically.

Remember to come back to this site on U.S. Thanksgiving for the Turkey update.

November 9 2008 Pay attention, John Titor

Alex Traynor also created Pixelated 1 and Pixelated 2 in 2006.

While on the subject, here are some animations off the top of my head that involve time travel - both past and future. I'm sure I've missed a few.

November 5 2008 Noooooo!

If I actually updated the Flash directories, this would be a tough categorization dilemma. A Political cartoon in animutation format.

ABS Member boinky33 (of Hanna Barbera Theatre 1 and 2 fame) whose non-Interwebs name is Jeffrey Davis presents his résumé as a Flash cartoon.


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