May 25 2007 96 %

Mark Porter mixes audio from... let's call them mature movies... with his animated animals. Don't worry, nothing furry.

May 23 2007 Bare Matrice

So far it looks like this site will be an almost-daily.

May 22 2007 Metzitzah toda raba bevakasha

I've been paying close attention to Jeffrey's (boinky33's) humour ever since Hanna-Barbera Theatre 1 and 2.

May 21 2007 Back

I'm back, and updates will slowly start to resume. Keep your submissions coming.

May 9 2007 Weekly or Daily?

Yevegeniy has created a followup to Dealing with Gravity.

His brother Mikhail is now also creating games for Albino Blacksheep.

This is a short flash experiment using satellite images.

Now here's the thing. I've been experimenting between weeky longer updates, and short daily updates. Let me know on the forum which you prefer. I will probably start daily updates again at the end of this month. Keep in mind that daily updates rely highly on the consistent quality of work that Albino Blacksheep members produce.

May 5 2007 Generic titles for everything

Happy Cinco de Mayo Amaaxla (who is not a girl) is back with a new, and so-far, bug-free game. Beat every level by next week. Your progress is saved. Feel free to Digg it too.

May 3 2007 Old Man Pie

I know that many Internet users are some variation of Mr. Mucky.

May 1 2007 May Flowers

Amaaxla also created AAAAAARRRRGHHH! The Moon is trying to run me over! and will have another game ready for Albino Blacksheep visitors very, very soon.

Tim Jewell is working finishing up Drawn Dream 10, and has released a trailer. It must be pretty epic to require a trailer.

You can catch all the Drawn Dream Episodes if you have fallen behind.


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