March 31 2009 From beta 2 to ?

Gotta move some stuff around the server in the early hours tomorrow morning, so things may look a little odd. No peeking.

March 25 2009 From beta to beta 2

Two days after the last update, I get a complaint to update. Nevermind the whole site being reworked at the same time. :)

So, the new design is coming along. There were a lot of complaints about the scrolling issue, so I basically had to create the layering effect in Paint Shop Pro (rather than actual layering which lags for some people), and then remove all margins and add the same amount of padding to have the identical look. One great thing about this is that the rouded corners show in older browsers like Internet Explorer 7 and 8, rather than using not-yet-official CSS3 corners.

A lot of members say, "What's up with the plant?" Well, it's just a placeholder. The plan is that you will be able to customize the background (and colours too, maybe). User-submitted backgrounds and such. I'm adding little hidden gems around the site, so you can have a hovering/clicking adventure.

March 21 2009 From alpha to beta

Roboman, by the way, is one of the most popular Flash game developers Albino Blacksheep has ever had. Here are a few of his submissions from when he used to make online games. You are looking at least at weeks worth of time wasting.

The redesign (which you cannot see) is on schedule, and I am working very hard to have a beta up for your viewing this week. I can't stand to look at the current design, so that's a good sign. I'm also losing sleep, which means it will be the real redesign and the current one is the Windows ME of designs.

Internet Explorer 6 or lesser will not be supported in the redesign. Please let me know if you are an Internet Explorer 6 user. I know you're out there. I used IE6 most of a decade, but must encourage progress and am thinking forward since I am putting in the time and effort today.

March 17 2009 St. Pat's

Nicol3 posted:

From the hog-sweat and swag of Ireland, it's Sheepy's drunken Irish uncle McRammers Belts McKinnon O'Riely!

Thanks Nicol3 for the sheepie drawing at top. Also, thanks to Mr.Fizzy who whipped up a last minute animation when he should be studying.

ABS is currently being redesigned. Have some suggestions? Now is the time. The goal is to achieve super simplicity and finally move forward from supporting IE6. It's been holding this site back.

Edit: This design isn't the redesign as some have assumed. The redesign should be ready sometime in April.

March 14 2009 Pi Day

By the way, I've added the MP3 for Good Morning Internet. There was an exporting bug in the file that was just fixed, so if the sound fades out at 4:44 on your version, redownload it again.

March 13 2009 When things parody parodies

Magus5311 post Today, 02:25 AM

An original video a comedy group I'm a part of made.

It's a musical about the internet, spoofing a famous scene from Beauty and the Beast. Guest starring ABS' very own rapping Bill Cosby.

March 10 2009 Mon/Tues

11 months ago, I posted ihasmario's Mario Paint Rickroll video and MP3. (He thanks ABS for supposedly 200,000 views from you guys. Not too shabby.) The program used to make it is called Mario Paint Composer. It's a Flash port of the music editing program that was part of Mario Paint for Super Nintendo. Mario Paint Composer is now out in version 2, and added to the ABS download section.

Here are some great remakes made with the program with a few free MP3 downloads that you can listen to in the elevator.

Yeah, I know. The thumbnails are pretty much useless for these videos.

Get the program for free (Windows or Mac) and see how easy it is to make music.

There was no Music Monday yesterday, so I combined Music Monday with Tube Tuesday, though I did add 5 MP3s elsewhere on the site before this update. If you don't see a main page update, some other location on the site is probably getting a makeover... or my Internet broke... or I got a life.

March 8 2009 Jpeg Virus

Mr.Fizzy follows up his Basketball Cartoon with Tennis. Is this becoming a series? I can't tell yet.

I was chatting with one ABS supporter (you know, in our war) using one popular Instant Messenger service, and in the middle (or should I say, the end) of the conversation I got a message saying something along the lines of, "Hey, is this you?" followed by a link to a Jpeg. However, this was not a Jpeg. It was really a a virus posing as a Jpeg image. (Noob mistake I know, but I had been away from the PC for a few minutes and clicked it when I got back).

I asked him or her (male on, female on messenger.. go figure) about it. Said it was a virus that automatically sent to his/her whole contact list, and now it would send to my whole contact list since I downloaded the virus. Along with an apology, I was told not to worry. Just close my messenger, and that would be the end of the virus. Things only got worse though.

An .exe file tried to gain permission through Windows Firewall. No problem, I would just deny it. So then Windows Firewall disabled itself! Whatever this virus was, it was pretty smart, so I had to act fast. I tried some free online scanning services like Trendmicro and ActiveScan. Garbage! They wouldn't even find the file or delete it. They just told me there were problems. I already knew that.

I got a chance to really test out one of the most highly recommended security programs for Windows called Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware installed easily, updated itself, and performed a full system scan in 30 minutes. It didn't waste my time finding harmless Cookies. That's what other anti-virus programs do, so you will think they are better than the competition by finding 100+ viruses, and have you worry for nothing.

It found the exact 3 or so files causing the problems and changes to the registry, if I remember correctly. Required a reboot to delete one pesky file, and that's it. No bells or whistles. Just fixed the problem like it should.

So that's your Software Sunday. Sorry there's no Mac program today, but just take this commonplace Windows drama as entertainment.

Is tomorrow supposed to be Music Monday or something?

March 5 2009 LoG

A former one-episode series by Tim Jewell continues on, and with a cameo by Baxter the dog.

March 4 2009 Dr. Steel Day

March 4th is Dr. Steel Day. Read about Dr. Steel and watch the animated music videos below by our very own starkravenmadd.

Come back tomorrow for a brand new Tim Jewell Flash cartoon.

March 3 2009 Lousy Smarch weather

FreekC also animated Brilliant Black about one year ago.

I wanted to post the following video presentation for some time. Although it's not about the current economy, it really brings things into perspective and may change the way you think about money completely.

Here's some much-needed user feedback regarding last update.

Saila posted Today, 03:20 AM

These are so old... I didn't think they were that funny the first time I saw them. Okay, one of the things I liked about ABS is that it offered NEW things that often WEREN'T seen on other sites, or if they were, were here first!

I've seen these videos before... I appreciate the effort of trying to bring in new exciting things to the front page, really I do, but this isn't new or exciting.

March 2 2009 Quickly

On top of beefing up the site with organizing the Flash animation series (which are homegrown) and Freeware software, I would like to add Video series, but I will need the help of my visitors since I am not as well connected in the filmmaker world.

See you tomorrow.


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