Good Morning Internet

Good Morning Internet Lyrics

Internet, It's a global village,
everyday, a new 404
Internet, full of stupid people,
logging on to say:


Oh look there's Fred with brand new vids like always.
Oh holy crap he sounds like hell.
Every video's the same,
which is truly just a shame
cause he gets butt loads more views than me--


Look there goes Spencer pirating some music.
He stole my other kidney too.
Never part of any guild
No denying he's a funny one, Spencer.

Bonjour! iChat!
How is your warlock?
The cake? A lie!
How I shot web?
I need six gold. GTFO n00b.
There must be more than this +2 small knife!


Vegetta, whats the power scouter saying?
It's over nine thousand.
With a dreamy far off look,
and uh-- such as the Iraq?
What a waffle to the rest of us, Spencer.

EUOoooohhhhh, isn't this just epic?
It's my favorite spell, because... You'll see;
Here's where I learn chain lightning,
But I won't augment it with focus til level 3

Now it's no wonder that his name means pwnage,
His skills have got no parallel;
But behind that firewall,
I'm afraid his ego's tall,
Very different from the rest of us
He's nothing like the rest of us,
More sexy than the rest of us, Spencer!


Right from that instance where we fought Kil'Jaeden
I said his crits were freakin' leet
On the web, there's only he,
who can PvP like me,
And with him I know my guild will be complete.

Look there, he goes.
Isn't he awesome?
His gear, tier nine,
Aww he's so leet.
He raids, all night
Not even sleeping.
He's such a strong / DPS / raid machine.

There MUST be more than this provential life
That's why I'm going to--

Look there they are, spoonbank is so dang funny,
We think you should subscribe right there.

[The internet] is epic and it's win
'cept for Furries, that's a sin
It's more than pr0n and loling cats
the interwebz is pretty phat
The web is where it's really at:
The Net!