June 21, 2005 Collaboration

[Colin Mochrie] Thirteen animators, many of whom you are familiar with on ABS, have gotten together to collaborate on one big Animutation project (therefore a bigger thumbnail). Toxic AKA Bob Barker directed and spearheaded the project. When he submitted the final file to me, I had to watch it multiple times since, like his other projects, the symbols change each time giving the viewer a slightly new movie.

Hopefully this file, and especially the ending, will scare away any new visitors.

  • The Fingertips Project
    Random Ferret, Toxic AKA Bob Barker, UN-J,
    Eric Fleck, Neil Cicierega, Andrew Kepple,
    Chainsaw Juggler, Nathew, Mudi,
    Glutnix, Bill Volk, Bort, Keith Stack
    4,946 KB

June 19, 2005 Too many carrots...

Two veteran ABS Flash animators have returned after a long break, norboto and Chris Davidson. Perhaps you remember some of their classics:

Well, the following are two potential flash series. Post which one you think is better.

Mixing flash with video and strange teeth is the "norboto" style of animation.

You'll be seeing this game again:

The preloader is a little buggy on the Generic Space Game, so give it a minute to load up.

Some choice Polyphonic Ringtones:

Sorry that updates have been scarce. Expect another short one or two very soon to make up for it.

June 5, 2005 ...made me sick

I promised to post a few more things, especially from Kyle and Drew, but it will have to wait just a little bit longer. I also need to complete my next photojournalism project for ABS, but my friends are complaining the food will get cold.

  • Epic 2015
    Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson
    12,915 KB

If you have any doubts about the story above (and half of it is already in progress), consider what you might be using to browse the web with in the near future:

There is already commentary in ABS Forums on the new Supermart flash. fatmorejellyroll writes:

I really hope that this is the end. Use your talent on something new, a whole new concept, one that goes somewhere. Please, for the love of all things holy and not, don't make this a trilogy. Drop the mouse and step away from the flash.


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