July 29 2007 Ideological files

Molkman used Flash, Premiere and real cheese to create this mix of animation and stop-motion action.

Sam and Wendel, like quite a few other members, hate these Shift Happens presentations so much, that he created his own:

This next artist submission, I'm not sure if to classify in Music Video or Political.

To me this was important. Merlin Mann gives an hour-long presentation to Google employees on how to handle large amounts of email that come in every day. Advice I desperately needed.

July 24 2007 Reading material

Do updates seem a little infrequent lately? There's more activity here on ABS than you may imagine.

July 20 2007 Fahts

I didn't expect a sequel from you, Nathan. How can there be a sequel? Here's the sequel.

Please read the instructions before playing phonicboom's game or you'll be lost.

Oh, and don't start saying we are immature now because of Fahts. We have Flash tutorials and CSS, so we are immune to such name calling. :p

July 17 2007 Behind the Scenes

I'm making changes to the site that I will tell you about in the near future. Anyways, you may have not seen these yet:

I've put together a directory of some other choice Andrew Pants songs featured in animations.

Notice that this is filmed on the Nokia device.

July 12 2007 The Great Bee Update

July 9 2007 You disappoint me

Amaaxla (who is not a girl) has released his newest game.

Stay tuned for a new ZekeySpaceyLizard cartoon in a day or two.

July 1 2007 Happy Canada Day 2007

First, a teaser to the Kepple's next work.


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