April 29 2008 Chumby

The Exorcist in 30 Seconds Re-enacted by Bunnies playing on the Chumby

Albino Blacksheep hit the news wires this morning. A select few game developers from ABS were chosen by Chumby Industries to have their mouse-and-keyboard Flash games converted to touch-screen, motion sensor Flash games. These games can be played on the open-source touch-screen and motion sensor Chumby device pictured above.

The Chumby is a semi-portable Wi-Fi enabled widget device. If you don't yet own a Chumby, play the games below using your mouse and keyboard.

April 22 2008 Earth Day / Passover 2008

First the Earth Day related files.

Happy Passover.

There can never be enough excuses to the The Llama Song. Bad parodies always welcome.

April 14 2008 Chocolate Man and Cripple Boy

It's a looooong load (even after the loading bar seems to be done), but well worth it.

April 12 2008 Teaser

I've seen it. It will be epic, and it will come soon.

Here's the first volume of Nameless 6 to get you up to speed.

April 11 2008 Boy and Robot

The latest Boy and Robot episode.

You can see every B&R episode from the beginning.

Hello. You know that generic computer generated sound you were looking for? Well, have a listen to this.

April 9 2008 Aaaaaand we're back.

The return of animutation? Sparky has one more coming to ABS soon.

My favourite game from John Hattan is Meltdown. He's been creating games before you were born, and some of his Flash games are remakes of very old Windows games originally developed by him.

Many of you noticed that every year I create an April Fool's prank. Last year I created Google Animation in the morning of April 1, 2007. Later in the day I posted an article with user comments about it: April Fool's 2007.

The 2008 prank will be moved up to 2009. I ended up getting very sick, and not only couldn't create an April Fool's prank, but also couldn't update for a while. Furthermore, I have some real big news that I don't want to post until May because it can be mistaken for an April Fool's prank - even a late one.

Here's some un-official rules about posting on Albino Blacksheep Forums according to experienced member Sirhan Duran.

Sirhan Duran @ Mar 15 2008, 11:15 PM)


Do not use twenty words when five will do. Do not try to make friends. Do not try to endear yourself to anyone, ever. Avoid complex or compound sentences. Do not try to "burn", "pwn," or "trick" anyone. Do not be optimistic about your chances of acceptance. There is no such thing as friendship, only bored amusement. There is no such thing as entertainment, only less boredom. You are not happy, you are only less apathetic than usual. You do not like the mainstream because you are not a sheep; you can only reference the mainstream ironically. You do not like the underground because you are not a faggot; you can only reference the underground ironically. Watch your spelling and grammar so that people won't think you're an idiot. But mess up your spelling and grammar occasionally so people won't think you're a faggot. Disparage the forum but not the forumgoers, not even the shitty ones, until you've got a higher postcount. But remember that postcount doesn't matter. Disparage the mods always. Remember that you don't care about other people but never actually say you don't because that's interpreted as drama. Before replying to a post remember that sarcasm has been known to go as deep as five layers and you've almost certainly misunderstood. Preview your post before you send it. Keep a die next to your keyboard; when you're about to post roll, and if it shows evens then go ahead. If not, exit your browser and try again tomorrow. Remember that most users are gimmick accounts or trolls, with the exception of the A-Team. If you make a mistake and are called out, pretend it was sarcastic and then imply that the person who called you out is mentally deficient. But don't use words like "mentally deficient". Unless it's sarcastic. And never ever ever draw out a conversation with anyone, ever, because by the end of three post-and-reply exchanges, it's either a circlejerk or a drama. Maybe both, but never neither.

Membership is free and there are no ads. Keep in mind, it is a forum unlike other forums you may have visited.


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