Richie Pages

ThePivotsXXD TheNoseMilk is an artistic duo featuring Flash animators and cartoonists Richie Pages and Benjamin Tay from the Bay Area, California.

'90s kids rejoice! TheNoseMilk team were heavily influenced by '90s cartoons and Newgrounds growing up. Their style and humour is quite out there and crude, but TheNoseMilk likes to think it is a reflection of their real life. Richie has dreamt in cartoon before. I'm no psychiatrist, but that could mean his subconscious believes he's a cartoon character himself.

Richie Says:

If we could somehow manipulate reality with our minds, there'd be dancing unicorns around every corner, lots of ridiculous EDM music and we'd be riding motorcyles upside down in the sky. As a baby, I ventured into outer space and came back alive. Here's proof!