Princess DarkRose
March 12, 2002

AlbinoBlacksheep: how many [daily site visitors] you think I get?
Princess DarkRose: 15 and your mom doesn't count.
AlbinoBlacksheep: 15 thousand?
Princess DarkRose: no, 15, and your mom does not count. :) *WEG*
AlbinoBlacksheep: you know I won't let my mom visit
AlbinoBlacksheep: well I had 1,021,258 page views in Februray
AlbinoBlacksheep: so there ;p
Princess DarkRose: ROLFMAO That's just too funny. :) Your mom signs on as  bunnyavenger14. :)

January 13, 2002

Princess DarkRose: You're taking me to the movies?
Albino Blacksheep: If we meet up
Princess DarkRose: Isn't that going to cost you too much?
Albino Blacksheep: no I have money now
Albino Blacksheep: I will give you $6.50 or whatever it costs
Princess DarkRose: Hey I'm going bra shopping in that case!!!
Albino Blacksheep: want me to buy you a bra? I would love to
Princess DarkRose: Um... hun... when's the last time you went to a movie?
Albino Blacksheep: summer
Princess DarkRose: I know you would but bras cost more than 6.50
Albino Blacksheep: how much are bras? probably cost more for your size
Princess DarkRose: Yeah they're like $30 for a cheap one in my size
Princess DarkRose: DAMN MY BIG BOOBIES!
Princess DarkRose: Mindy likes hers though. They're not as big but she's got them all pushed together cause she's wearing a top that's just too small.

October 18, 2001

Princess Darkrose: And I have to say I want a shirt like that girl on your website...
Albino Blacksheep: I have one for you
Albino Blacksheep: A different message though
Princess Darkrose: LOL No you don't
Princess Darkrose: What message?
Albino Blacksheep: yes I do
Albino Blacksheep: Front says: Best breasts in town
Princess Darkrose: and the back?
Albino Blacksheep: St. Clair Poultry

October 13, 2001

[Princess AV] Princess DarkRose: I don't really need a degree though. I'm an entrepreneur. LOL I need money cause I have ideas to improve my life and to provide me with financial security so that I don't have to work all my life.

Princess DarkRose: and SURE most of those ideas involve killing people and taking their money... but is that so unreasonable a way to get money? LMAO

Guestpost by Princess DarkRose September 25, 2001

[Princess AV] You are in a dark room. You are surrounded by nothingness. You cannot see, cannot hear, cannot get your bearings. Suddenly a scent catches your attention. Out of the dark void a figure appears. She is me. I am in your mind. The tapping of high heeled leather boots laced up to the knee resounds in your head, almost deafening you. Suddenly I stop walking. I am here.
There is a chair and a desk before me, in your mind. I know what you want. I know what you crave... entertainment... knowledge... I walk up to the chair and sit, throwing the tails to my long black trenchcoat to the wind. I am as you see me. A tall, pale beauty. Red hair, sparkling in the moonlight that now surrounds me, flowing in the night air all around me... I have taken it all from you. It is your mind that provides me with these things. You give them willingly to me. You want me to show you things that you have never seen before... and I just might. I lean forward on the table, cupping my chin in both hands and smiling seductively. The gleam of sharp, white teeth catch your mind's eye. They provide a warning... you don't want to get in too deep... You may not return the same. "What do you want to know?" I ask, running my tongue along my incisors like a child with a lollypop or a wolf with a fresh kill. The possibilities run through your head echoing their desire to me.
"Down boy, one at a time." I purr. "You want to know about me. Fine. I am whatever you want. I am, afterall, in your mind. I keep the personality, and the secrets. I am Princess DarkRose, keeper of Spells. I have come to you because I sense your need for knowledge. It sucks at me even now, trying to draw out what I know. Knowledge is simplicity though. Wisdom is the key. An idiot may know everything the universe will tell, but without the wisdom to use this information, he is still an idiot."
A thought forms in your mind and I pluck it from the air.
"Yes, I am a Witch. I am a Pagan Goddess. I can perform certain magicks and bestow certain knowledge to those who ask the right questions."
I sit up straight in the chair and cross my legs.
"What do you wish to know?"

Ladies, Gentlemen, if you want to see more of me on this site, write to AB and let him know what you want me to tell you. What you really want to know. He is in VERY close contact with me, and has been for a while. He will tell me what you want, and I shall provide the entertainment. Welcome to the world inside your mind. My world. Dream on sweet children. Your Princess is here.

August 15, 2001

Princess_DarkRose: LOL Ooh! I took an online test the other day... it was VERY upsetting to me! LOL Apparently I'm quite the freak.
Princess_DarkRose: and not in a sexy way.
Albino Blacksheep: which kind of test. I saw a personality disorder test That one?
Princess_DarkRose: NOpe. It was a gender test. They were 85% sure I was a male. They even called me a dude. LOL
Albino Blacksheep: OMG
Princess_DarkRose: I KNOW! I was so upset at them. LOL
Princess_DarkRose: LOL Princess DarkRose... 15% woman. LMAO
Albino Blacksheep: I'm afraid of you
Princess_DarkRose: cause I made it to dude status?
Albino Blacksheep: yes
Princess_DarkRose: I'm just one of the guys now.
Princess_DarkRose: whatevah.
Albino Blacksheep: send me the link to the test
Princess_DarkRose: I don't remember where it was and you didn't say please. (not that that would make me remember where it was)
Albino Blacksheep: umm... please?
Princess_DarkRose: I'm also apparently like 38% bitch. :)
Princess_DarkRose: :) That's better. :)
[Time goes by...]
Princess_DarkRose: So are you not talking to me anymore cause I'm a dude?
Albino Blacksheep: something like that

Princess_Darkrose is a woman. I know her from Psychology class.

August 7, 2001

Princess DarkRose: Hey, you didn't mention what you ate [Pizza and salad] or that we went to Pladium cause we had to pee or the big mouse that crawled out of the garbage can where I was sitting or anything like that! Not even the strange things the cops were doing all night.
Albino Blacksheep: I DID NOW!!

July 30, 2001

Princess_DarkRose: Hi.
Albino Blacksheep: How were your drinks?
Princess_DarkRose: I dropped one of them cause I was laughing so hard at my sister. I'm going to drink that one tomorrow.
Albino Blacksheep: What was funny?
Princess_DarkRose: There was this girl that I used to babysit and she was all drunk and getting touchy touchy with my sister.
Albino Blacksheep: oooooh
Princess_DarkRose: Yeah. It was too damn funny. I just about died laughing.
Albino Blacksheep: Did your sister accept the touchyness?
Princess_DarkRose: She wasn't thrilled. The girl was all screaming and excited. LOL
Albino Blacksheep: Well, I guess you learnt a lot about that girl
Princess_DarkRose: Yep. A little alcohol makes her a little loose. LOL
Albino Blacksheep: So did you go to work today?
Princess_DarkRose: no?
Albino Blacksheep: oh. Was the question mark a typo?
Princess_DarkRose: Nope.
Albino Blacksheep: How can you answer a question with a question? How is "No?" even a question to that?
Princess_DarkRose: It's not a question so much as a tone of voice.
Albino Blacksheep: Oh, because it was weird that I asked. I know you've answered in that tone before
Princess_DarkRose: How is it weird that you asked?
Albino Blacksheep: Nevermind.
Princess_DarkRose: Done.
Albino Blacksheep: Finito.

July 29, 2001

[AV of Princess_DarkRose] This is Princess_DarkRose's submission for the Jessica TheDoll Story submissions:

There were some bunnies and they thought they were all tough and cool (they were guy bunnies) and they wanted to meet some girl bunnies cause they thought they were cute. they went to a bar and got pretty drunk cause they drank some beer and then they got silly and did some strange stuff that scared the girl bunnies away. The boy bunnies looked at each other but they were drunk and they said "vree vree vree" cause it was funny. then they started fighting each other for some other pretty girl bunnies that were there and one of the bunnies kicked the other bunny but then the roof came off the building and Gooberzilla took the bunnies and ate the pretty bunnies. the boy bunnies thought it was funny and went "vree vree vree" cause they were drunk and their teeth got in the way. Then Gooberzilla started to walk away and stepped on the drunk boy bunnies and they were flat and they all screamed Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Like little girls.
Ok bye.

Judges: Well, it is certainly in the style of Jessica's first story - a classic indeed. Extra points for the bunnies saying "vree". The stepping on the bunnies is a proven success for an ending. However, this story lacks "Aaaaaaaaaaahs" and poor spelling. Also extra "vrees" would be a plus. Overall, this is an A- story.

July 15, 2001

[AV of Princess_DarkRose] Princess_DarkRose: Mine's [calendar] up at work for all to see. I have inappropriate things written on it to make people wonder about me.

Albino Blacksheep: What sorta things? Psyduck's birthday?

April 14 - Set Lakeshore Rexall on fire,
May 21 - Raise Satan to do my bidding,
June 11 - Kill my boss and run off with his wife,
August 30 - take all the company's money and run run run and don't look back.

The only bad thing was that the store across the street really did catch on fire and there were the 7 tornados recently. LOL People wonder about me often. I have fun sometimes. They never know what to think besides that I'm the best worker there.

Albino Blacksheep: cooooool

Princess_DarkRose: I know. I think my last couple of weeks there, after I get my letter of reference, I'll dress in full goth attire and spray paint hexes into the carpet. :)

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