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Albino Blacksheep

Norton  & the obvious lack of owls

the obvious lack of owls
< on: August 8th, 2001, 6:41am >

Hello erm...mr albinoperson, id like to strongly complain about the lack of owl and owl related features on this web site. Not only was i quite upset at this but my 6 year old boy (an owl mad fan) threw a god awfull temper tantrum which ended in a grounding of 2 days. harsh? maybe but youve got to get them while there young or its curtains for this country in the next war. i mean, in my day you had to join up, do your time, none of this lazing about that you youngsters get away with today, i mean, stakeboarding...i mean...i remember when all this was fields and for fun we used to play with dead dogs... erm... where was i? oh yes, owls, right then...owls, so get more, infact rename this site albinoblackowl or ill break your legs. yours in anticipation, norton (dr)

web page..erm

well lets see...erm..:

[Owl] oh look a picture!:

so yes

erm... its even a great word

anyway what else is on here?
well not much
im lazy

really though, serious for a min

owls are great
i mean, u ever heard one... ROAR sort of thing...what with that and the teeth, i mean, its no wonder they were hunted...
(this may be wrong)

This post thanks to norton. :)

French Frogs

From: immolif@wanadoo.fr
Subject: Owls are sh*t

Owls are definetly not aloud out at night, nasty things eat nice furry little voles & micesss. Now Frogs they are a real turn on, just think one little kiss & who knows what could happen!? de la part de monsieur Frog.

It's funny cause you're French.


From: Laura
Hi there, I was just reading the feedback part of the site and I never realised just how many people need to get a life!!! I think you're site is great and I think the stuff on it is very funny in deed, oh and the  poke the rabbit thing was great, i almost shit in my pants, this is to all the losers who keep blasting your site, FUCK OFF, I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU DO BETTER!!!!! Please put my message up, i have something to say to those people who disagree with your site, and please withold my last name and my e-mail. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

Supposedly from my mom

[CBC News] To: AOL
From: Ahmadro
Subject: Ahmadro's profile
Hey AlbinoBlacksheep, u bitch I like to choke bitches, like AlbinoBlacksheep I'm telling ya its the best ever. You should Try it. Well anywayz My name is AlbinoBlacksheep's mom and i'm ? years old. Yea I'm living off a diet of Kool-Aid and Ramen Noodles. Thats less than 40 cents a meal. If you came here to see my site go to  this link does any1 in here have a geocities account?

Well while your down here.......;-) feel free to send me a message

Mom, while you are at the grocery store today don't forget to pick up some New Watermelon Space Blast flavour Kool-Aid. Please buy the full size pack so I can share with sister.


From: j
E-mail: crap@ohno.com
Subject: this page

ok, to be blunt your site is kind of shitty. it's busy as fuck and took too long to load and I have DSL which means the poor schmuck with a dial up could take a nap before the page is done loading. second, you're not funny nor is anything on this site remotely amusing. third, with the exception of your little monitor pics i've seen all the other pics on several other sites which means they are not original to you or your site. finally, you bought a domain name but are still using geoshitties...get a fucking clue!

As of October 2001 I am moved away from geocities. Whoooo's remotely amusing nowwww???

Concerning Jessica TheDoll

From: ariesmystery
E-mail: ariesmystery@hotmail.com
Subject: JessicaTheDOll

hey jessica, UR A freakin moron whose on crack, prolly acid, and millions of other combos. PLEASE KILL YOURSELF UR A RETARD. MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE kill yourself.

*cries* ;.(..

BiG uP yOuRsElF!!!

From: Edward Hotchkiss
Subject: BiG uP yOuRsElF!!!

What a cool site!! Me and the Shrewsbury study 11 posse have been giving our respect to the shit on this site!! Its so fucking funny!!! How do u do it man!! How do u do it??!! I have 2say that the  gonads and strife video is the funniest thing I have ever seen!!! I don't really get out much so can u post this message one your site please?? Cheers buddy.
Keep it real
Keep it safe
Increase the peace

Calendar reminder - Things to do this Monday:
Buy milk.
Feed the cat.
Keep it real.
Cook dinner.
Pay the phone bill.
Increase the peace.


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[CBC News] Name: Bitchy
Homepage URL: no
How you found out about this site: A Bunnie Told Me
Comment : Yall need some poka music and a big ol square dance shin dig in tha barn to achey breaky heart!(Just dont invite the octapus, we got into a fight) and the girl that told the bunnie jokes, she cant go either. oh hey, i got a joke for you, okay, what did th

Name : Bitchy
E-mail: I Got Cut Off!
Homepage URL:
How you found out about this site: From Queer Magazine
Comment: okay so now that i'm BACK u can feel free to worship this page cause i graced it! anywayz cool page.thatsall.bye



Name: ZURA.
E-mail: zura7@usa.net
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/zuras_place/
How you found out about this site: From another guestbook.
Comment: Hello! I am Zura, 29 year old man. I live in the capital of the Republic of Georgia, Tbilisi city. You really have a great site! Please visit mine which is dedicated to best friendship and I ALWAYS WISH TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS! Sincerely, Z

Okay, I give up. You win. I am scared of you. Please don't hurt me! Pleeeeeeaaaaaseeeee don't hurt me!!!


Homepage URL:
How you found out about this site: I_AM_GOD


Islamic Extremist or something

From: Majin
Subject: i am pissed -call me Majin

am on a mac so i can't see any web cams on the site OR chat. I WANNA SEE SIERRA and her nipples..and chronic and her....bootylisious ass. So since i can't i am goin to kill this planet. you ask when ( i can hear your thoughts ) i will tell you: in the year 2003 it will be an extintion level event.

The cataclysmic apocalypse referred to in the scriptures of every Holy Book known to man; it will be an era filled with endless greed and corruption, where global monetary systems disintegrate, leaving brother to kill brother over a single grain of over cooked rice.

The nations of the civilized world will collapse under the oppressive weight of parasitic political conspiracies which remove all hope and optimism from their once faithful citizens.

Around the globe generation of polluters will be punched for their sin, unshielded by the ozone layer they have successfully depleted, left to burn and bake in the naked rays of light.

Wholesale assassinations serve to destabilize every remaining, government leaving the starving and wicked to fend for themselves. Blood thirst renegade cyborgs, created by tax dodging corporations reek havoc.

Pissed off androids tried of being slaves in a Godless and gutless system when the rich get richer and the poor get F'ed over and out, unless total world-wide destruction by means of nuclear holocaust. Annihilating the terrified masses; leaving in its torturous wake nothing but vicious cannibalistic, mutated, radiated, horribly disfigured hoards of satanic killers bent on revenge.

But against who? There are so few left alive. Starvation reins supreme forcing unlucky survivors to eat anything and anyone in their path. Massive earthquakes crack the Earth's crust like a hollow eggshell, causing unending volcanic eruptions.

The creatures of the 7 seas, unable to escape to certain death on land, boil in their liquid prisons.

Disease encircles the earth. Plagues and viruses with no know cause or cure lay waist to whatever draws breath. And human kind having proven itself to be nothing more then a race of ruthless scavengers fall victim to merciless attack at the hands of interplanetary alien tribes who seek to conquer our charred remains.

This is EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT the final world front and there is only 3 months left.


So the cause of all this craziness stems from your first statement. Lack of boobs?

Foreign American visitor

From: Timothy Clark
Subject: Feedback

Dear Webmasters (and Webmistresses, this is the new millenium...),

Hello!! I would just like to get my two cents in about this site (Although, due to the recession and rising gas prices, it's only about 1 1/2 cents, but that's beside the point...).

First of all, I didn't know that this was Canadian!! And I thought all Canadians just got drunk and went ice fishing. Well, that's the stereotype anyways...I notice that there isn't many American stereotypes, if you know any, please tell me!!

Second, I really like your web site a lot!! I helps me to be more dysfunctional in a dysfunctional world. Your kindness to give me the humor that causes the same amount of brain damage as three hour blocks of Teletubbies is greatly appreciated. (Note: I'm not being sarcastic, either, I really do have brain damage with the therapy bills to prove it!!)

Third, I don't know what role this Sierra chick plays in your ensemble, but she's pretty f*ckin' hot. I would probably say the same for Jessica, but I've never seen her pics. However, I'm thinking she's hot, too, due to the fact that I'm 21 and my hormone level is higher than my SAT's.

I think that's about it!! Thank you for letting me bullsh*t a little.

Sincerely yours,

Tim (wonderman,baby!!)

PS: I don't have nothing against the Canadians personally, actually, I think both of our countries should team up and kick the crap out of Britian. Just for the hell of it!!

PSS: No, no, just kidding there, too!! Spread the love (in your local supermarket or bedroom!!)

Americans all look the same.
Americans all talk funny and say 'about' and 'roof' weird
Americans do nothing but drink beer all the time with hardly any alcohol in it.
Americans live in tall buildings instead of igloos like normal people.
Americans smell like horses and BBQ sauce.
Americans are all fat.
Americans all watch Jerry Spinger on TV and want to be on that show on TV.
Americans are in love with oil.


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