The Ultimate Orgy

The Ultimate Orgy Lyrics

Old Godzilla was f*cking around
Tokyo City like a big playground
When suddenly Batman jizzed from the shade
And hit Godzilla with a bat c*mspray
Godzilla got laid and began to f*ck back
But didn't expect to be f*cked by Shaq
He proceeded to open up a can of Shaq Lube
When Aaron Carter came out of the blue
And he started sucking off Shaquille O'Neal
In the back seat of the Batmobile

But before they could make it back to Aaron's loveshack
Abraham Lincoln teabagged his sack
Took a 9-inch vibrator out of his hat
And blew Batman
Then he ran out of rubbers and he ran away
Because Optimus Prime came on Batman's face

This is the ultimate orgy (of homosexuality)
Good guys and bad guys with dildos (as far as the eye can see)
There's quite a lot of fellatio and much sodomy
This is the ultimate orgy (of homosexuality)

Godzilla took a sh*t on Optimus Prime
Like Scruff McGruff sh*t all over crime
Then Shaq came back covered in Godzilla's scat
Then Jackie Chan jacked off and nutted on his back
And Batman was flaccid and trying to get horny
So he thought of an armadillo named Corey
But suddenly something caught his eye and he licked
Indiana Jones' 13-inch d*ck

Then he took Godzilla from behind
Reached around for his c*ck which he just couldn't find
Then Batman squirted and he shot and he missed
And penetrated Jackie Chan with his fist
Then he jumped in the air and gave the peace sign
As Abraham Lincoln tried to sixty-nine with Optimus Prime
And they both got some
Then they all got showered in Care Bear c*m

This is the ultimate orgy (of homosexuality)
Good guys and bad guys with dildos (as far as the eye can see)
It's gayer than Brokeback Mountain, I think you would agree
This is the ultimate orgy...

Cue porno music, a funky jive chorus
Down from the heavens came naked Chuck Norris
Who discovered a d*ck as hard as bones
Attached to the crotch of Indiana Jones
He bent over on the ground, smiling with glee
As Batman changed into Ron Jeremy
But Chuck saw through this clever disguise
And buried Batman's face in between his thighs

Then Gandalf The Pimp and Gandalf the Ho
Matt Damon and the guys from Mr. Show
And Benito Mussolini and his big weenie
And Tony Curtis in a pink bikini
Robocop, The Terminator, William Shatner, Ralph Nader
Lo Pan, Peter Pan, every male Power Ranger
Keanu Reeves and Bill S. Preston, Spok, The Rock, and Charleton Heston
Came outta nowhere lightning-fast
And they all f*cked Norris in his cowboy *ss
It was the greatest b*kkake that the world ever saw
Making Japanese men stare in total awe

The sex went on for a century
Many c*cks were sucked, but eventually
A champion stood and all the girls got wetter:
Mr. Rogers in a c*mstained sweater

This is the ultimate orgy (of homosexuality)
Hot chicks and bad girls with strap-ons (as far as the eye can see)
T*ts and v*ginas and coming, all continuously
This is the ultimate orgy... (one great big lesbian orgy)
This is the ultimate orgy... (I think I'll jerk off again now)
This is the ultimate orgy... (of homosexuality)