Osama Bin Lazy

Osama Bin Lazy Lyrics

Osama Bin Laden, is sitting in my house
Osama Bin Laden, is as quite as a mouse
I want to shower, and then go off to bed
But all of my clean towels are on Osama's head

Osama, did I invite you in?
Did I say you could come over and turn my thermostat up to 85?
And take a bath in my bathtub, with my bubbles, that smell like watermelon and papaya?
Did I say you could use my loofah? Did I?

Osama Bin Laden is drinking my cold beer
Osama Bin Laden what the hell are you doing here
Osama Bin Laden is watching my TV
Osama Bin Laden, won't speak English to me
He's on my table and playing air guitar
Like Slim Shady, he thinks he is a rock star

Did I say you could play my saxamophone?
Did I say you could stay here alone?
And wear the dress that I have sewn?
And use my phone, to call back home?
Where all of the camels roam?

Osama, Osama, Osama, Osama, Bin, Bin, Laden, Osama

When I opened my door and came home from a long day at work
Was I expecting to see Osama, on my couch?
Eating my Lays potato chips, my last bag of potato chips?
Putting his feet up on my coffee table?
Watching himself on CNN?
No, the answer is no.