Generic Rap Song

Generic Rap Song Lyrics


P-P-P... P-P-P... P-Unit!

DJ Clue (all with echo):

DJ Clue!
Same Old Shit!
Black Dude Yellin'!


It's bad boy-2003
English 231, Nate D., Robert J. Moore
This is history, baby

Ja Rule:

Where would I be without my gravy?
Say anything, just pay me
My rap style's so lazy
So all the good rappers hate me
Every syllable I speak is boring as ever
No-thin but bull, don't know how to be clever
And for that I will always be horrible
Theme, lyrics and tone-ain't no skill in me, baby!

50 Cent:

If I didn't have Dre's beats would you still love me?
If it wasn't for Eminem, who would this thug be?
If I ain't have bullet scars would I still be on MTV?
Don't tell no one, but one of em is from my appendectomy
Answer these questions, world, that's why they're written
I love you like a black dude love fried chicken
See my success-does it make you sickened?
Hope not, cause a new single hits this weekend

Hook: J-Lo (2x):

The after party's goin' strong
You and me, we can get it on
Mr. DJ Play that song
Play that generic rap song

Lil' Romeo:

Listen up girls, I'm the youngest player
Bling'd up, but still waitin for my pubic ha-ir
Exploited like an oilfield in West Iraq
I'll be broke when I'm 20, and hooked on crack
Only got this big 'cause my dad's Master P
I feel sorry for my pops, he got less skills than me
Peace out though, yo, I'd best be packin'
Got a sleepover later down at Michael Jackson's

Sean Paul:

Don't tell anybody see buddy you listen and think I'm Jamaican, right?
But if you look at my body you'll notice my skin is actually white
Although all my lyrics are so incoherent I make em sound really tight
Follow my writing and Princeton should give you an english degree or certific-ite
You know that these words are a bitch to decipher even if its amplified
I'mma twist my tongue and your brain like footsies be tripped on slip and slide
If grammar is God than I gotta be Satan, the devil personified
Cause I never enunciate... Girl

Hook (2x)


I know you like the way I'm sayin right thurr (right thurr)
And how it got me to be a millionurr (millionurr)
Yo my accent is fake but I don't curr (I don't curr)
Cause I got 20 carats up in my urr (in my urr)
I'm from that STL you best bewurr (best bewurr)
I'm wurrin' Urr Force Ones I got two purr (got two purr)
All you people that hate me now don't dispurr (don't dispurr)
Cause I'll be gone off the charts in one yurr (one yurr)


D-M-X and my dogs bite
My... dogs Bite... right
I can't... write - but I'm stuck in this rap sh*t
Let em know- I'mma live the thug life... from my mansion
Actin like we owe em something
Then we show em something
I think I musta... left my talent back at home or somethin'
You got me pumpin', there ain't nothin' stopin me.
I sound like you fed the cookie monster broccoli

Hook (3x)

P. Diddy:

It's Bad Boy, baby!


Fo shizzle dizzle
P-Yizzle's in the hizzle
Wit the Snoopy D-o-double-gizzle
I'm addin izzles to wizzes all dizzle... so they don't have to rhyzzle
Buy my "Girls Gone Wizzle" Vizzle... it's the shizzle