Caracas Shakedown

Caracas Shakedown Lyrics

Got in a cab the other night
The front windshield was cracked
The cabbie he gave me a price
For a ride I didn't expect

El a alto pista
Yo pisa caro yerro

Back in old Caracas, life is getting tough
A visit to the mall could really rough you up

The emperor of the land has a serious command
All the people think they love him
He's got 'em in his hand

The Caracas shakedown, the Caracas breakdown
They'll get your back, it's a sneak attack
The Caracas Shakedown
The Caracas meltdown, the Caracas showdown
Welcome home, we'll break your bones
A suna traco

Plastic surgeons flourish
In the land of 12 year whiskey
Can't we renegotiate the state of your affairs?
Or pi no ta metas
Chamos somos panas

Back in old Caracas, rich is getting hard
They got a heavy roadblock
They're searching in my car

Calling me an oligarch
And a slave trader's son
Hey Columbus
Send your three sister ships on back to Spain


The ghost of Jimmy Angel
Hidden in the tapoise
Shaving all the monkeys
A military coup