September 27 2007 Credits song

Unless you are a Halo fan, and I am not, first watch Epic 2015 from the Epic directory to understand the style of the video below.

September 23 2007 Indian Summer

Which community will Mark P0rter make fun of next?

September 20 2007 Übercat

Updates will begin to resume as normal. The downtime over the weekend was unexpected.

September 12 2007 The Non-Flash update

Mark P0rter and I worked on this compilation for the past month. It had to be made.

This is a related coincidence.

September 8 2007 The Skit Hits the Fan

Turn off your screensaver for this one. You'll be here awhile.

September 5 2007 It's not expensive

This is the world wide (Web) premiere of Danny Miller's latest project after Boomshine. (Thanks for choosing ABS, Danny.)

The following video is the first published animation from BET's inhouse animation department. A social commentary rap on the diseducation of Hip-Hop culture.

September 3 2007 Sprite Heaven

Shutupdangit AKA NitWitt, whom, I think, wants a directory, tries his skills at hyperspeed.

Yes, it's a boyband promoting a cell phone.


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