October 25 2007 Halloween 2007

This is the Halloween update, unless any ABS members have anything else in the works they would like to add before the 31st.

Jimmy is doing great work for academia with his Flash talent.

Submitted back in April, but long forgotten, is Creacha Feacha's scariest rap music video.

All of ZekeySpaceyLizard's work is creepy, but these stand out for Halloween.

October 17 2007 You get sour cream

If you know someone to send this to, please don't hesitate.

Two new Dr. Kockpocalipse episodes from the Chaos City Team.

October 15 2007 Blonde People

SC Shooter is a two-player/one-keyboard game by CJA.

I will update yet again this week.

October 12 2007 The inversecoma update

I will followup with another update in the next couple days.

The newest Click Fest records your high score.

Stella Artois have an amazing Flash-based website at stellaartois.com.


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