May 27 2008 Internet famous

Weezer's new music video featuring Internet celebrities.

If you can name everything from in the video from the dancing baby to "leave Britney alone", you've spent the last 10 years online. Go outside.

May 26 2008 Memorial Day

To celebrate the Mars Landing, Andrew Kepple quickly whipped up a related animation today (or 5 years ago, whatever).

Bringing Old Man Pie music and animation together with Guitar hero featuring Mr. Mucky.

Another pixel game to add to the Flash Games page.

Today the Open Round of the Albino Blacksheep Tournament of Flash Artists 2008 (TOFA) begins. For those Interested in following it, there's more information on the ABS Facebook group and the ABS Forums Flash Developers section.

Also in the ABS Facebook group are two talented animation submissions that you won't find on this site.

May 19 2008 Happy Victoria Day

Inversecoma is back with what is probably the best May Cause Seizures submission yet. His older ones are on the Flash Games page.

Boinky33 from Hanna-Barbera Theatre 1 and 2 (and you should definitely check those out) is continuing the Casper & Spooky series this summer.

Flash game reviews? Could be an interesting addition to the site. Feel free to review a game from this site and send it in. This one reviews Andrew Kepple's Furry Punching Nitro from the random video game name generator contest.

May 14 2008 Tube Tuesdays (on Wednesday)

Before I get back to posting your games and animations, I am experimenting.

Every once in a while I like to showcase work that you definitely search for, but may be interested to see anyways (like hour-long lectures!) Earlier this month A.J. Jacobs held a discussion at Google Headquaters about his book on religious rules. I'm actually more fascinated by Michael Pollan's discussion on food and health in our society, and how health nuts actually suffer from something Pollan calls orthorexia rather than becoming healthier.

8-bit video game character made a topic on ABS Forums called how much do you not care about the internet? I'm suprised at just how much someone could not care. His post follows:

Well if you guys really must know, I don't care at all about the internet. I don't read half the posts on here and I don't even know who most of you guys are. You see, I have this thing we call a life. How many girlfriends have you guys had? I just broke up with my 34th today. No big deal, lots of other fish in the ocean. What level are you in World of Warcraft? Me, well... it would depend on which character I'm playing. As you see I'm a pretty busy guy so I don't have time for internet forum bullsh*t.

I noticed some people like to insult me sometimes, a few of my threads and posts get trashed... heh doesn't bother me one bit. Actually it amuses me at how much people care about what I post on the internet. The only reason I made this thread was for personal amusement. You are all like puppets to me... so predictable. I can see it now... the mods desperately refreshing the forum index to see if I made a post so they can trash it. But they don't realize I'm in control here. I'm holding out just to make them angrier. Then I finally decide to make a post... and by the time they finished reading my latest masterpiece of a burn they're fuming mad. Probably slapping their computers and shouting at this point. They trash that post as soon as their chubby fingers can hit the right button, but by then I've already made five more posts with my alt accounts just to piss them off! Yep that's how I roll. I've got several accounts with fake emails and use proxies so they can never catch me for good. So entertaining, watching people trying so hard to stop me when I put zero effort into my posting. You know, because I don't even care about this place. Have fun faggots, I'll check back on this thread in a few weeks when I'm done f*c-king my gf and leveling up my Everquest characters.

May 5 2008 Cinco de Mayo

Spoofm0nkey from the Borat Soundboard, Video Killed The YTMND Star, Mouse Madness and more is back with a new animated music video.

Block Buster is now enabled for high scores.

The anonymous artist behind the ScientLOLojyuuichi!! song is... Nuclear Bubble Wrap. You can download a remastered version of the MP3 here.

The anonymous artist behind the ScientLOLojyuuichi!! animation, though, is still behind the curtains, and only I know who he or she is - and I ain't gonna say. Here's a remastered version of the animation.

Was Tom Cruise talking to Oprah last week about the above animation?

A video that recently surfaced on the Internet of an animated Cruise extolling the virtues of Scientology was taken "totally out of context," because it was specifically made for a Scientology event, [Tom Cruise] said. - Associated Press

By "animated Cruise" they must mean Tom Cruise's expressions, and not literally an animated video. Sorry, NitWitt. False alarm.

Now for the Cinco de Mayo part of the update where I realize ABS is lacking a good amount of Mexican-related animations or even videos.


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