June 29 2007 2012

A product of Starkraven Madd's blind obedience to the Doc.

June 22 2007 Bloxorz

Play it, digg it and beat it. You will be rolling around in circles for hours.

June 21 2007 Summer is here!

The psychedelic conclusion to Moon 9.

June 17 2007 John Titor is now listed as single

June 13 2007 Super Jewell Bros.

Nevermind Tim's spelling mistake.

Did you know Tim has a younger brother, age 12, that animates too?

June 9 2007 One year in the making

On June 9, 2006, thirty-three Albino Blacksheep members headed by Andrew Kepple spent exactly one year to create this epic animation.

June 4 2007 Get serious

Ryoshenron's trying out something new with an actual plot this time, around 7-minutes. He could use some feedback on the ABS Forums for his new style.

June 3 2007 720px by 405px

This new artful piece of work by rtil has a similar theme to Andrew's Dumbbell animation.

  • Gum
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I'm glad to see the Albino Blacksheep facebook group is growing. Some people were searching wrong, so here's the direct link [Facebook account required].

June 1 2007 WWW.

You may be seeing a lot more files from Jeffrey. Rememember to watch all five shows from the credits screen.

In Tim's own words, prepare to be disappointed as always. You can always watch the old Drawn Dream episodes.

Albino Blacksheep has a facebook group. Come join.


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