April 30 2007 April Showers

Today is an addition of random files by ABS members. Nothing particular.

April 28 2007 Pass Level 7

Let me know on the forum if you liked Yevgeniy's game, and he'll be sure to send in another one.

April 26 2007 Beep Boop

The latest Boy and Robot episode.

April 25 2007 Untitled

April 23 2007 Warm and furry

Always start off your week on a happy note.

April 22 2007 Earth Day 2007

I was trying to figure out what to rerun for Earth Day. Aliyaho Pearce was about 15 when he scripted this file quite a few years ago for ABS, and it seems appropriate. Maybe email it around.

April 21 2007 Al Gore would be proud

There's now a sequel to Eco Bunnies right before Earth Day, and apparently it's an exclusive to Albino Blacksheep.

April 20 2007 Back on track

April 19 2007 Wait, what?

I know I haven't added any of your files for some time, so I will add a new file from the Albino Blacksheep community each day for the next while. There will be a lot to catch up on.

April 11 2007 Pants Party!!!

The Eighth, and final, version of Ben Kling's Pants Party animation.

Yes, the same boinky33 who brought you Hanna-Barbera Theatre 1 and 2.

April 8 2007 Sunday Quickie

Two really short shorts just for now.

Pretzel Prize Fighter has stuck in an Easter card at the last minute.

April 4 2007 Flash Developer Contest #16

The winner of the 16th ABS Forums Flash Developer Contest is Pretzel Prize Fighter. The contest genre was, "a serious theme, tone or plot".

Flash Developer Contest #17 has opened up in the forums. The requirement is a collaboration. Some prize money is involved, but this shouldn't be the reason for participating. More details in ABS Forums. Now here's a commercial.

Aside from the poor and rude language, James Rolfe's reviews actually have some good depth and detail.

You may be looking to send out a cute and safe Easter e-card this year.

Or maybe something a little more risky. Just be cautious.

April 2 2007 Happy Passover

Lewzerkid is a 3-year visitor, first time submitter to ABS.

A couple keyboard games.

If you missed it last year, head over to the Audio section listen to Smooth-E's Matzah! song.

April 1 2007 April Fools 2007

You can't fool anyone after noon on April Fools Day - else you become the fool, but here's an archive of what happened.


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