This being 2017 I don't think I would start an update with a Flash-only file, but it's a special exeption. M.O.T.A.S. (The Mystery of Time and Space) is considered the best and the original point-and-click escape room game.

I had been linking to the original MOTAS site since 2002, and for the last few years the game there had been missing, and believed to be lost from the Internet forever. As well, the developer, Jan Albartus, is believed to have passed away

I was able to recover an old copy and revive it:

Quality story and art:

Afya's journey is starting to come together.

Internet junk:

I'm currently going through every folder of this site and may recover more ancient Internet files in the process. Luckily, many of the classics that made a home here won't be lost. If you remember something you thought you saw on this site back in the early days and want to find it again, feel free to Contact me.