'90s Console Wars

The interesting thing about James Rolfe is he's the same as age myself, growing up in the same time period with the same level of Nintendo fanboyism. He's brave enough to show embarrassing video of himself as a child, and then revisists his own views with a fair and accurate comparison 20 years later.

Remember these videos in relation to the current market debate between XBox One and PS4.

Nostalgia'd so hard

RSA draws (and erases) the visuals of a lecture, helping engagement and understanding. I believe these have the perfect ratio of entertainment to education.

I have not posted a Popular 10 Years Ago list in a long time. As you can see, 2003 was quite a special time. I have gotten some flack about the Apple animation.

Back for good

It will probably be best if this site is updated with one file per day than a bigger update with changes on the other pages most regulars won't notice. Anyways, here's Jordan's animation based on an Amazon review.

I think Jordan made this animation just for the racist pun in the title.

The following is a much larger download than most animations because it is made with other tools and reimported into Flash. I cannot complain because it is from Jesse Jones, the creator of Forehead Shavecut.

So no one will get mad if I post one thing at a time?