Plugin Error

Broken QuickTimeSome people who have both QuickTime and Flash Player installed may have a problem where QuickTime tries to play a flash file when it should be played by Flash Player instead.

To fix this problem, first, go into your Control Panel on Windows. Switch to classic view there if you have Windows XP. There is a QuickTime icon. Please click it open.

In the dropdown, Browser Plug-in is selected. 1 checkmarked box, and 3 unchecked boxes underneath it. Then a button called "MIME Settings..."

Click on "MIME Settings..." Open Miscellaneous, by clicking the plus sign to expand it. Scroll down and make sure everything in Miscellaneous is unchecked. Especially uncheck flash file.

You may want to do this to the Audio section as well.

Rememeber to press OK after you make the changes.

[QuickTime MIME Settings]

If the Flash Files section still does not work on ABS, please download Flash Player 8 to upgrade your flash player.