Compatible Browsers

[Compatible Browsers] This site is meant for display in Standards mode Browsers, and not Quirks mode. The Browser needs to parse XHTML, read CSS 2, even some of CSS 3 and display JavaScript. As well, the browser you use should be able to embed a variety of media file types. This site is also compatible in text-mode browsers including mobile phones and handheld devices and viewable without images or CSS, though many design aspects will be missing without CSS or Images.

Internet Explorer 6 is recommended, and for those who prefer an alternative browser, the site displays well in Mozilla Firefox 1. Opera 8 is also compatible, but the site's image opacities will not display in Opera.

There are noticable design problems on Apple's Safari Browser. If you are on a MacOS, please use Firefox to browse this site. Noticable differences between each browser will are documented in the Bug Report section.

Keep in mind that the fonts and thumbnail images are resizable, so for a most accurate picture have your Text View size on Medium in any browser.

If you would like to download a new browser or upgrade your current one, please visit the Browser subsection under the Download section: