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  September 30, 2004  Remind me to update the XML too

[Flash]The Truth About Apple Users

All of these authors have been featured on here before. I'm just updating you on their newer stuff. They have certainly improved. I have a surprise for you next update based on the same idea. ;)

Manuel Fallmann

[Flash]FallDown 2

[Flash]Lick a' bow

[Flash]Tiny Plaid Ninjas

[11:57] <Jeyrad> how does the intarweb go over continents?

HAIKU [John Derbyshire]
May I please recycle my favorite haiku? I think it was one of the late Willard Espy's.
I ku; you ku; he,
She, or it ku; we ku; you
Ku; they ku. Thanku.

As only a select few people know, I was going to make a movie called Celsius 411 on politics from a Canadian perspective. Looks like my title is already in use:

#12 alkmyst 9/23/2004 08:04AM PST
OT sort of...

Has anybody here played the game "Civilization 3"

It is interesting, a stragegy game based on developing an entire culture, starting from inventing the wheel and having spearman, to to the ultimate goal of acquiring land, resources, technologies, Wonder of the World, etc.
I find it interesting that it is possible also to build the U.N., which provides alot of culture points, but can ultimately make you lose, by being voted ot, even if you are more advanced than everyone else, based on how the other civilizations feel abou you....

just a thought


  September 23, 2004  Update of Weirdness

You may have seen a few of these before, but that's alright.


[Flash]Forehead Shavecut
Jesse Jones

#9 Beagle 9/21/2004 02:15PM PST
This explains Dan Rather's "how's the weather in Iraq?" interview with Saddam Hussein.

  • [Link to here]

  September 15, 2004  Rosh Hashoshashashasha

[Flash]Cake - Comfort Eagle
drewmo (Spinnerdisc)

If you would like drewmo to make more videos for ABS, I will force the ABS moderators to do his homework for him, so he will have more free time to create videos.

[Flash]Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Hidden Message

Keaton is on a roll this month!

[Flash]Posting And You...


  September 13, 2004  Uninvited

[Zeshin's Photoshop] This update is a little bit different from others, and will make things much more interesting today.

You will be taken through an interactive world starting with a haunted house, clearly identifiable by the music you hear inside. It may take some time to complete, but there is a prize for those who complete the challenge. I have said too much already. Please don't spoil the fun for others by posting guides just yet.


[Alert] Sorry, the file was not working for a short while, but it is now fixed.


  September 9, 2004  Biomistry and Chemology

Long updates are fun too, but the shorter ones come sooner. I hope all students are having a great back-to-school month, and if you need a break from study, you know what to do.

[Flash]Squares 2
Gavin Shapiro

[Flash]Steve Ballmer Sells Windows 1.0

Not just bands from the '70s are getting involved:

The man who made The Evil Strawberry teaches you his secret to making cartoons for the Internet:

[Flash]How to make an Internet Cartoon - Tutorial

[Flash]Rat Zapper
Old Man River Trash

Back to Schoolers and Adults alike should read this:

Remember, 12:00AM and 12:00PM do not exist.


  September 2, 2004  I'm never home.

I never thought I'd have a Randy Newman song in my head. Anyways, I'd like to welcome many new visitors to, or, as they used to know it, www.****************.com.

[Flash]Political Science
Alex G.

[Flash]Hey! Who Took My Pie?
seanfogy, Tom


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