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Advanced Physics is hard   September 23, 2003

[If you can read this secret message, you're cool.]

After redesigning this site in XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.1 without any tables, and testing it to work in Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and even Opera, I find that I can still improve it for Konqueror Browsers on BeOS, and what about cell phones and handheld devices? After reading up on the upcoming XHTML 2.0 code (which I will share with you if there's demand for it on the forums), I still have a ton of work to do.

This cartoon collection called Flame Warriors is an accurate representation of the various personalities that engage or even don't engage in online forum discussions.
Ever since the popular ABS Forums has reopened a few weeks ago, I have found these cartoons to be true. Be sure to read the descriptions below each image. Some of my favourites are:

Also, be sure to check out Bradster's #albinoblacksheep comics (60 so far) which can be found in the ABS chat room.

<duct_tape_princess> my wrist is allergic to my watch :(
* humpy has joined #albinoblacksheep
<RealmMaster> OMGGGGGGGGG!
<humpy> abs just got mentioned on techtv
<RealmMaster> wha?
<RealmMaster> TSS?
<duct_tape_princess> omg
<RealmMaster> no
<RealmMaster> TechLive?
<RealmMaster> humpy, TechLive?
<humpy> yea


Yarrr   September 18, 2003

If the calendar was working, you would see that Friday September 19 is National Talk Like A Pirate Day. You must obey! Yarrr.

Hurricane Isabel a'comin'   September 16, 2003

[Lick lick lick lick] I have been begged and begged for months to post this video by various strangers, so here you go.
Now it's all out of date:

DirectX Videos:

#19 Watcher 9/11/2003 10:29PM PST
I'm tired of America getting accused of being an empire, without having any of the perks that should go along with it. All of the blame and none of the fun.

"If 20 people were arranged from shortest to tallest, the odds of this happening by chance are less than one in a billion billion (10 to the18th power)"

Style of the day:

[8:52pm] <BladeTR> tubgirl's website is down
[8:53pm] <%hampeln> who teh hell is that
[8:53pm] <BladeTR> *LINK EDITED OUT*
[8:53pm] <BladeTR> her website is down
[8:53pm] <%hampeln> ...
[8:53pm] <BladeTR> wait no its not
[8:54pm] <%hampeln> lol
[8:54pm] <BladeTR> sorry you had to see that
[8:54pm] <%hampeln> how about you shut yuor ass
[8:54pm] <%hampeln> and i not ban you

<Nick> oh, funny story, I almost died today
<MidnightPlaygirl> i know haha
<xenophile> thats hilarious
<MagikGimp> the UK may be tiny but it aint small
<MidnightPlaygirl> i luff being canadiab
<MidnightPlaygirl> n
<Nick> i almost got hit by a car..
<MagikGimp> if you get my drift
<Nick> like 2 inches away
<MidnightPlaygirl> o.o
<MagikGimp> Great things come in small sizes
<MagikGimp> ;)
<Nick> in retrospect it was funny

Nuclear Lake   September 11, 2003

[Before] [After]

#49 Former Belgian
It's not just that moral equivalency is the last refuge of the morally bankrupt. Superficial similarity is a basic cop-out for the intellectually lazy. In any area, not just world affairs. if you can claim that Beethoven and B. B. King have a lot in common, that absolves you from having to actually learn anything in depth about either Beethoven's composition technique or practical blues improvisation.

New York Defender Stef & Phil
S-11 Redux: (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse GNN
Bin Laden Liquors Keith E. Fieler
Rumple Jib Jab
E! Hollywood True Story - Osama bin Laden Will Stamper

"Terrorism requires you to suspend normal morality for the sake of a supposedly higher cause. And when you do that, you have no morality and no cause and eventually no freedom, because the people who are willing to obliterate all human rights are not going to establish democracy when they win."

"When someone tells you he's going to kill you, you pay attention, you take him seriously, you believe him. You wake up earlier the next morning and you kill him. If you survive, you win. If you don't survive, you lose. If you lose, you're nothing."

#28 Model4
"How do you comfort someone who's being mauled by a wild animal? You don't. Kind words, flowers and sympathy cards aren't going to mean squat til you shoot the f_cking creature to remove the threat."

#22 Brenda 9/10/2003 11:59PM PST
Better if we all project less and (self) reflect more, both individually and nationally.

Schoolness   September 9, 2003

[It actually tates good] The Duel Dylan
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I can't believe my ears:

Bush Tubbie Grito
The 5th Avocado Sound-O-Vision
Butt Dance Pendleton Ward

Will be new editions to the Games section:

HypraSpeed 2 Yamago / Globz
Samba Wiesi
Gridlock Corwin Derkatch

Style of the day:

LGF Style Sners
Default Sners

Clever engineers figured out what line of characters to print to make a noise at a given pitch, and how many times to print that line repeatedly to sustain that pitch for a given duration. In other words, the printer could play musical notes.

IBM 1403 Printer (1964) playing music. Computer History Museum

Pandoras Mime: a lot of people hate america for a lot more than current events-related issues. i know i personally am not very fond of living here just because people's mentalities here don't jive with mine--priorities are skewed and many (if not most) are close-minded beyond belief...

Goshbagh: yes indeed... *URGE TO KILL AMERICANS RISING*

There are a whole bunch of hints for the Mystery of Time and Space from a few days back posted on the Forum if you need help.

If a theif kisses you...   September 7, 2003

[Fozzy Bear] I'm very convinced that this is the most popular song/video on the whole Internet.

[] Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger. Mushroom, mushroom! J. Picking

Badly, ghastly snake, snake. Ooooh, it's a snake.

...count your teeth   September 6, 2003

I think it will be a good idea if I just update this site more often this week to make up for last week.

[God is Broke] Seconds of Madness GHOST
Cos & Theo Shmorky
A&W (Amburgers and Wootbeer) Jonneh
Fanta Shokata - What he thinks. Sners
All Fanta Shokata Commericals
Set as Homepage
LFO Warp Records (read the Instructions)
Matrix Revolutions Preview Warner Bros.

Style of the day:

Reverse Sners (Default Sners)

Dr. Norton's inventions:

As requested here are my nominations for the best new inventions for the home:

1. The Mexican Shoe Horn.
The so called Mexican shoe horn is more like a snake on wheels than an actual shoe horn, but the snakes assure me it's not deadly. How it helps you with your shoes is a bit of a mystery, but where this handy gadget wins is with its useful rattle type tail for warning you when theres a mouse in your shoe, or something. 6/10

2. The Arse Bandit.
Not as its name sugests, a machine for stealing arses, but it's a very handy garden spade. With a sort of bent handle and deep shaft, it's ideal for all uphill gardeners. 8/10

3. Inflatable Alan. The winner by a long way in my opinion. Imagine you are alone. Maybe its night time. Maybe its dark... Was that an owl? Whose at the door? *Scared*... Well be scared no more with Inflatable Alan, a full size inflatable dog that can ward off all sorts of things from your door with its realistinc dog type sayings. (Includes, "Thats my stick", "I need a bitch", and other faves). Fully guarenteed to confuse any witches trying to steal your milk in the night.

#8 axiom 8/25/2003 08:04AM PST
I stopped by the Indymedia IRC channel one time and was slammed for using the term "guys". I said, "Hey guys, what's up?". Apparently the term "guys" is my expression that I have a "huge pen|s" and I should not push it in the face of the women in the channel. Afterwards I was given a quick lesson in how to properly define the sexes which are no longer limited to men and women. People found my use of the term "women" offensive as well. I can't wait to go back to college full time to see this stuff in person.

Here's a game that you'll be addicted to if you love challenges and hate making priorities in life:

The Mystery of Time and Space Jan 'LOGAN' Albartus

<M0rph3v5> who here likes cheetos that you find in your pants?
<MulletMan> in the british navy they used to give kids mixed rum drink, these kids would wake up on a boat and a man standing over them goin "your in the navy boy...arrr..har har...did you enjoy your drinks smartass?"

#26 captool
... For those who have trouble accepting that there can be any type of absolute morality, consider this:
Let's say I'm a cannibal. I was raised a cannibal, all my friends and family are cannibals and so were all my ancestors. So how can anyone judge me? It's not my fault I was born a cannibal. But hey, don't get me wrong, I love being a cannibal. There's nothing better than getting together with the family and barbequing some "long pork" as we like to call it. I don't expect you to be a cannibal like me, so I'll live my lifestyle and you live yours. The only problem with my arguement is this: I wouldn't be too happy if someone tried to eat me. No cannibal would. Deep down, despite all the rationalizations, cannibals know what they are doing is wrong. Absolutely. ...

#26 quark2 9/3/2003 09:54PM PST
It's happening all over, even in England. The above normal hot summer is causing a phenominal year for whine.
Just be proportionate with the seethe that goes with the whine to keep it nicely balanced.

<RyGuyX> one day, after every statement my brother said; i'd say something like "or is it" or "or was he?"
<RyGuyX> it p issed him off so much

Where's the Update? September 4, 2003

I am re-coding and redesigning the whole site, as well as reopening some sections. It should be ready soon. Bear with me. It will be worth it in the long run.