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  July 22, 2004  Too much Update.

The following flash are unrelated (like Babs and Buster Bunny) even though both files seem to be played on my grandmother's television set:

[Flash]Kerry and Edwards in Love
Dan Noe

[Flash]The Panda Song

I have to be honest. As a musician I was not extremely impressed by the Blindfold Pianist's first video on ABS Forums of him playing Mario Blindfolded. Musicians are supposed to play by ear and touch. Now, this second video certainly impresses me, as he can still play piano with his hands twisted backwards, and facing away from the piano:

[Flash]Blindfold Pianist - Imagine Backwards

Danny said he was making something like FallDown, but came across here and realized it was already made. He changed his file into what it is now, called Stick Avalanche.


  July 20, 2004  Real Update?

I promised I'd post the anti-Honda commercial, but it's not complete... so be patient. I'll just throw in a couple re-runs today. No one will notice.

[Flash]Pie Hole

[Flash]Elvis Lives in Flash

[Flash]Mad Scientist Torments Hamster

Last century I promised Dave I'd post his video of himself, so here you go, man. (2nd one Down)

[Flash]Face Dance

[Flash]Dave Face
Dave Burton

Manuel wanted me to put his game on ABS, but didn't want to enable high scores. Oh well.

#74 Elcid 7/18/2004 07:21PM PST
Now this site seems rather handy, for those who want to know.
Use the location search (on your home address) to find those who live near you that have made presidential campaign contributions. You can also search for friends or celebrities by name. here

#82 dazoid81 7/18/2004 07:30PM PST
#74 Elcid

that site cant be accurate... according to it nobody with the last name Bin Ladin (tried several spellings) has made any contribution to the Bush campaign... Michael Moore told me that family has given millions of dollars to George Bush...


  July 17, 2004  Temporary Update 2

They must destroy it the same way Hawaiians destroyed Pearl Harbor during the Gulf War:

[Flash]FDB168 - Morning Wood
BR (BeeArr)


  July 14, 2004  Temporary Update

This is the most popular flash movie at the moment. Skip this one if you have a slow connection though. UPDATE: If you can get through to watch it on JibJab, then enjoy.

[Flash]This Land


  July 6, 2004  Zeeky Boogy Doog

Mike Fahy promised that Li'L Johnny's Aquarium Adventure would premiere on this site. I only showed it to one person just to test the high scores (that may only work using Flash 7), and hopefully he kept the file to himself until today.

[Flash]Dancing Hazel the Hamster
Rey-Rey kementari

[Flash]Li'L Johnny's Aquarium Adventure
Mike Fahy

[Flash]The Malibu 9
Olle Hemmendorff

[Flash]George Bush's Desktop
Ben Dickson

Not more Flash Loops!

[Flash]Don't Stop
TjMarshal & Airon (tjmarshal)

[Flash]Let's Get GIRtarted

XxXoldsaltXxX created a new game, FallOut, which is a followup to FallDown. He says his email is getting flooded with fan mail, so come talk to him on ABS Chat.



From: Ripped Scrotum Date: 6/29/04 @ 8:20 PM 27
First try: 450 or so
Went back, read instructions.
Second try: 94,553
Therefore, read more instructions to do better.

From: dasupalouie Date: 6/30/04 @ 10:11 AM 76
but whats with the song? "BLA BLA DO BLA BLA DOO DODOOD DODO BLA BLA"

UPDATE: Jennifer's newest Movie in 30 Seconds with Bunnies Flash:


  July 4, 2004  [Canada] 1st, [United States] 4th


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