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 Stuff Thief by GoodGawd

GoodGawd Posted: Jul 21 2004, 10:28 AM

[Stuff Theif] he stole my diablo 2 cd this time. it was ok when suddenly my microphone 'dissappeared'. i'll forgive him for that because he might of needed one. i mean, a microphone is a bear necessity. however, when suddenly i discovered my cd was gone, i was so pissed!

my friend jake told me he lost his sock, now that is pure evil! what would he do with one sock?? the stuff thief must be found! he lurks around us, stealing our precious things, little by little, from a small dice to a piece of pizza, he nibbles on our very existence, waiting for the opprotunity to strike ferociously on our collected wares.

now i have begun an investiagion, and came to a conclusion that the stuff thief usually steals belongings with a significance of memory, and strikes at the moment you think "now wheres that game, i havent played that in a year or so" or "i'd love to see that picture again, now where is it?". my only suggestion is that you keep an inventory check twice a month, not three for that would be too obsessive, nor once for that would be too little.

i am planning an invasion to the stuff thief's headquarters, and i believe there is an organization behind it. there is no way only one person could be doing all the work right? for that would take the logic out of the whole thing.

join me as we investigate the [whereabouts of] the "S.S" (stuff stealer's) Headquarters and invade to liberate all those precious belongings of old!