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  December 31, 2004   Mandatory New Year's Eve Update

[This is the first digital photo by Elcis the Wise.  Have a safe and Happy New Year.] I think this is how to play it on the telephone, though the end seems off:

Auld Lang Syne:
11113212 321139# #9331212 321##91

But this sounds right too in another key:
8 444 6 8 4 8 9 1 4 3 9 #


  December 29, 2004   Christmas never came

I'm home!

[Flash] Snowglobe

[Flash] Publicis Copenhagen Christmas Card 2004

[Flash] Lapland
J. Picking

Lapland is only one of many Kenya parodies I will be showing you soon.

[ABS Winter by rmuser]


  December 28, 2004   In Reply to all Emails

Updates will happen, but browse around in the meantime:


  December 16, 2004   Limited Time

I will file this under the cuteness section:

[Flash] The Guinea Pig Way
beezzzart / annafantasia

Update within an update:


  December 13/14, 2004   Required viewing and playing

Tous autres films instantanés sont des morceaux d'ordures comparés aux pingouins poteau-modernes.

[Flash] When Penguins Attack: The Post-Modern Version

[Flash] Mr. Sandman
Lyra Logan (halmtier)

[Flash] Musical Lantern
Brett McLean (midget654)

I think Lyra might be a fan of Rathergood's flash. I also think passing the Musical Lantern game should be required in order to view later updates. Just to make sure you are paying attention. There needs to be an active audience. Also, why would Penguins want to attack? Probably has something to do with this.

Passing the Frog game will also serve as a mandatory intelligence quota.


  December 8, 2004   Our beer is better...

Think of this as a small update. I am taking a chance with a new series by Professor Fate (Peter) called Gloomboy. When he showed it all of us on the forums, Members said they liked it, but they didn't know why. Let me know what you think more specifically though.

[Flash] Gloomboy: Alphin the Spooky!
Professor Fate

[Flash] Feuer Frei

[Flash] Group X - I Like Cheeeeeeeese

And so continues the trend of Group X music videos all made by different animators, but using the exact same animation style. There's one page on this site with all the Group X videos, but instead of linking to it here I'll send you on a scavenger hunt with a rotating cookie as a prize.

This week is Chunukah AKA The Festival of Lights. This first Chunukah animation is incomplete, and the author doesn't have time to finish it, but the music track is in tact.

I promised to post the new print project and a lot more. Don't you worry. I'm just waiting on some server space.


  December 1, 2004   ...therefore our women are hotter.

I was going through the old Flash Submissions and noticed Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley (user name wheatox) submitted something for here that I never got around to posting, but wanted to. Now that this is out of the way, I can procrastinate on other things.

[Flash] Licky
by Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley (wheatox)

[Flash] The ZoomQuilt
by Paul Hinze

[Flash] Lightsaber
by Unibrow Dude

[Flash] Group X - Peanuts
by Niko Matses

[Flash] He Plays Wok N Woll
by Creative

I hope "He Plays Wok N Woll" is an appropriate title for that promotional video. He keeps saying that's what he plays, and that was the file name when I saw it.

The following products are the most popular products for this holiday season. I really cannot confirm this. I never heard of any of these, so ask your kids. (I think I seen this TV in stores, but never the Robot.) None of these are even available in my area when I checked the sites.

The response from last update's print projects were positive, so I have another one lined for the very near future. You'll like it if you need more stuff around the house to impress the neighbours. I have been updating other parts of the site rather than this page. Creating new subdirectories, writing more reviews, a new guestmap, better compatibility with Linux and Mac browsers and some secret stuff that may or may not be part of ABS depending on user reactions.


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