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...Not as I do   December 31, 2003

If you happen to to on your computer when the clock strikes 12 on New Year's, understand this following file was meant for New Years. Also, don't forget to drink responsibly. (Sorry for the reruns.)

Best of the Year   December 29, 2003

[OH NOES!  You have stumbled upon my secret Text.  Zeeky Boogy Doog!  Tygalili from ABS Chat is watching you.] Welcome to the Unfinished, but very Formal End of 2003 Update. Enjoy the most popular files from the year (but not all in one day). I will be adding more Images, Games and Videos and Political Files in the lists, as well as Best Pranks, Best Links, Best Downloads and Best Scripts sections in the next few days.

You can Bookmark or Set this as your Homepage to return here later for updates. The lists of links are below.

Best Flash of 2003. The year's trend seems to be simple, repetative flashy and annoying.

Best Political files of 2003. War time equals fun for the media.

Best Videos of 2003. The trend seems to be reality. Just like it is for TV.

Best Games of 2003. Seems so simple, yet so hard.

Best Images of 2003. Topical.

If anything from 2003 is missing from the lists, please suggest so in the Forum.

Expected   December 25, 2003

[Happy Everything] Icons will be back soon.

PacMan187 @ Dec 25 2003, 12:02 AM:
Am I the only one that thinks its f****d ut to replace Christ's name with an x?
Anyway, merry Chrismas...

Nemo @ Dec 25 2003, 12:09 AM :
Pfft. Why do we need His name in there to begin with. After all, it is Santa's birthday,

Colds are no fun   December 22, 2003

[The Grinch] [Santa Saddam Clause] Some very old files to start (unless you read bottom to top):

Some Holiday E-cards:

A new stop frame Animation from Quinn.

You've seen the original Badgers Flash below, but there is also a Lord of The Rings DVD with all Badger Scenes fully restored:

If you liked Weebl and Bob (and not if you don't), check out these Anchor Spreadable Adverts:

Get your Video Plugins ready:

They found him!   December 14, 2003

[Saddam Mugshot] Saddam Hussein was captured today by Coalition forces. Millions believe, however, that it is not the real Saddam.

BREAKING NEWS: They also found Nemo!

Busy Busy   December 11, 2003

[This is how I choose to see the United Nations]

Anyone can be a star on the Internet:

<TYGA-TV> i put on weight just looking at a cake

#7 Teacake 12/4/2003 11:05PM PST
As I recall this is the generation who as kids were allowed to tell their parents to f* off, shut up and go to hell and if they got smacked, these kids were encouraged to call the police and bring charges against them, all the while the parents were trying to be a good friend and allow their off spring to express themselves.

#565 Plato 12/10/2003 01:15PM PST
he must be a freshman - as young as they get in college- he knows so little but he's proud of it.

Examses   December 6, 2003

[Pop-Tarts]Just skip today's update if you are 56k

LOTR   December 2, 2003


[Kitty visits this Website] I'm not a Lord of the Rings fan, sorry, but if you are though, this will be like Tylanol 3 to you (or whatever you guys are into these days).

Karma Posted: Dec 1 2003, 06:41 AM
Dec 1st, Part 4: ';;;;;;;;//oi88888888
Sorry, my cat walked across my keyboard! Apparently he wanted to say something, and apparently it has something to do with 8s

I promised I'd explin a bit of last update. Well, my Elvis Lives in Flash was apparently featured on CBS around Nov 17 or 18, but I did not see so myself. Why did they show this garbage? The dance moves at the start are programmed in a free Korean program called idance. I will post a link up in the future.
Sore Loser was submitted by CaptainFailure (from the IRC chat). He filmed his friend losing in Counter Strike. The title was originally, "Bad Loser" in French (CaptainFailure comes from France), but I figured it actually meant Sore Loser, but somehow not found in the French vocabulary. As for Mythology, well, that's one of the best school projects I've seen in a while. Hope you guys got an A.