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Splodeydopes   August 24/25, 2003

[Gross] JJ Cool J Is Banned Shmorky

...not unlike The Parlor, but an exaggeratory portrayal of a real Internet Chatroom discussion. In unrelated news the phrase "Get a life" was coined by William Shatner on a Saturday Night Live skit about Trekkies.

These are the grossest ones I'm willing to post, visit their site for grosser samples: than therapy, no appointment needed!
Deal with those deep burning issues of getting back at the person you want to have revenge on!
Get revenge, Get even....with a CUSTOM MADE Rude DVD:

August is like Sunday...   August 19, 2003


"...a state of chaos and confusion where looting and pillaging rampaged the cities"
jimmy 8/18/2003 04:27PM PST
No, no guys - Detroit always looks like that just happened.

Infesting eBay:

...because school is next   August 12, 2003

[You better do it] Reasons to vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger:

#42 Mr. Moore 8/11/2003 07:59PM PST
I don't think Michael Mooreon has any kids. I think he did at one point but he mistook one for a Ho Ho and ate him.

Vote Arnie!   August 7, 2003

[Kitten] <duct_tape_princess> f_ck me
<Links> whatever
<DM> im gonna put it
* RealmMaster f_cks duct_tape_princess.
<hellz> psx-ps2 advanced
<Links> I don't care what you say anymore
<duct_tape_princess> woohoo
* duct_tape_princess orgasms
<RealmMaster> :D
<Links> because I've realised I hate you
<RealmMaster> sweet!

August sucks   August 4, 2003

[ASL?] <comicXcore[workingoncomic]> does anyone ealse have their heart beat 498548 times fast when they eat chex mix? mine does

By popular demand... it seems you want to be walking advertisements:

...and for those of you at the Rolling Stones Concert:

Glass Tastes Good: Germans are staring to piss me off
mtxchimera: IM GERMAN, ass
Glass Tastes Good: Well than could you stop pissing me off?