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X   April 29, 2004

I don't know what to call these things yet, but they are one of the current trends on the Internet. Simply, a repeated line from a song, movie or television show, in sync with a photograph or animated GIF. rmuser and I created one based on a few ABS clichés that visitors from 2001 should be familiar with.

[Flash Movie]X Gon Give It To Ya by rmuser and AB
Flash File

Skip   April 28, 2004

[Not Broken] You can skip this small update if you are not into strategy games. Today, the followup to Crimson Room was released, Veridian Room:

Consider trying your best before browsing the Forums or Chat for a Viridian Room walkthrough. The sound effects are hints. ;)

Update: Sometimes the link to Viridian Room on Fasco-cs is "Temporarily Unavailable". Here is an alternative that may or may not work just incase: Viridian Room (1.75MB).

Maple Leafs   April 22/23, 2004

[Is it real?] Here are some commercials coming to bathroom break near you:

I fixed a typo in my article, so that's my excuse for reposting it.

I think I need to give some background on that Hamlet test. "Princess Darkrose", as she likes to be known as online, was going through her old High School papers while cleaning up her apartment, and she came across something interesting that she wanted to show me.

She handed me a sheet of paper. It was a test that her teacher from a couple years back gave her class as a joke. None of the questions were real or had any correct answers, but of course, those who didn't study would be the ones trying to come up with a correct answer. Most people in the class were struggling and writing long essays as a response to each question, not knowing that the end of the test explains that the whole thing was a joke. All those who didn't laugh failed the test.

I borrowed the paper and typed up the questions. After about a year I posted the test online and asked ABS visitors to e-mail their answers, and posted those online as well.

Fake Update   April 20, 2004

[Bwahahahah.] First, this is not the real update. I have been advised to make two updates, and the second one to be better than the first.

Two years ago Jennifer Shiman submitted Amy's Diary to ABS. It is a flash video with scans of her friend's diary when she was at age 7, and her friends created voiceovers for each of the diary entries. Kinda cute. Jennifer Shiman has now renamed her flash project from "Small Yet Zesty Productions" to "Angry Alien Productions", and came up with this cute file very recently:

One of the scenes reminds me of something from here. Oh, and speaking of the power of Christ compelling you, this next file is sure to bother someone. I don't know who, and I wouldn't try to. It could be anyone. Speak up!

Unfinished Update   April 14, 2004

[This photograph is by Jenn, the author of the Cappuchino Piano Piano Flash] The music from the Flash File in the last post was made entirely with Sound Recorder on Windows. The following sounds, conversely, do not need a computer at all. You make these sounds everyday:

[Flash Movie]Pie Hole by Norboto
Flash File

AB: stairway.php
AB: press view reverse lyrics
SRO: That is not right!
AB: We have been listening to satanic music!
SRO: Well, if you walk the stairway to heaven backwards, you'll end up in hell.. think about it

As dumb as that was, Jimmy Egeland (Forum Profile) is also an author for Educational Flash Files found here. It is more down to earth than the Law for Kids comics or animations posted last November.

There will be more to this update later, so bookmark it.

Update: Whoever can beat my high score in this game gets a rotating cookie.

Also not an update.   April 9, 2004

[I dunno what this is] As many of you End-users know, creating audio on the computer can be expensive and time consuming. I have featured demos for Multitrack software such as n-Track Studio and Cool Edit (both found on the ABS Download Section), which at full versions range from $35 to over $200. A good drum sample program like FruityLoops is over $100. I have featured the free HammerHead Rhythm Station, and a lot of you used it for your Flash music afterwards, but it just doesn't compare with what you can do with the expensive stuff. On top of the computer stuff, mixers, pre-amps, cables and microphones, not to mention the actual instruments can set you back at least $1000.

I used to Multi-track using two tapedecks on a boombox before I got a Yamaha MD8 which is already out of date.

When I saw the following Flash File for the first time, it reminded me of my days with the borrowed Radioshack mic, double tapedeck and $19.99 "Realitic" brand Keyboard, you know, with instruments such as "ambulance" and "airplane". Of course, the file by Clown Staples is a little more modern, but can be done simply by using any computer with Windows. You can't buy talent like this:

[Flash Movie]Windows Noises by Clown Staples
Flash File

[Iraqi in Nike Ski Mask]

Just how did a ski mask find its way into sunny Iraq, and does this fighter know that he's promoting an American capitalist corporation?

Not an Update   April 8, 2004

In addition to the XHTML and CSS tutorials, some software tutorials are in the making as well as scripts for Webmasters. Expect to see some major, more user-friendly and community-related changes this Spring and Summer.

On this night we eat "Super Crackers™"   April 5, 2004

[Yes, this is John Kerry trying too hard.] There are consequences to repeatedly clicking your mouse pointer on people's faces.

I haven't posted any convos in a while, but I promised to post digitalu's.

No Mods for you!   April F.. Fo.. Foo.. First, 2004

Toxic AKA Bob Barker Posted: Jan 21 2004, 02:49 PM
I think Shumway needs to be booted back up to the main page! It's one of the great lesser known fanimutations that has seemd to have gotten hidden in the the scuffles of the Yattas and the We Drink Ritalins.

I promised so many times to repost this at the author's request. No fans have requested this movie because it has no fans (that are brave enough to speak up.) But today, things are about to change.

[Flash Movie]Shumway or Several Species of Large Bearded Guys Gathered in A Television Set and Grooving to some Pischella by Toxic AKA Bob Barker
Flash File