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 Top Ten Jihad Hits by J-Damn

Hi I'm Casey Al-Kasem. Here's this week's Top Ten Jihadi hits:

10. "Yes, we have no vials of Anthrax" by Tariq Aziz
09. "I am to be throwing my AK in the Air, and waving it as I just do not care" by Crazed Palestinian Gunman
08. "Let's go blow up the Bat Mitzvha" by Polly Stinian
07. "Honor Killing" by Stone Ya Once
06. "See ya at the Kabba" by the Pilgrims
05. "My dad met Nasser once" by Yashur Hedid
04. "Marhaba, Ana ismi..." by Slim Al-Shady
03. "Death to America ('03 remix)" by M.C. Ayatollah Hoe-meni
02. "No Blood For Oil" by The American Liberal and his gang of Useful Idiots.

And the number one hit for the tenth week in a row:
01. "Lilililililili" by the Ululatin' Jaddahs