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 Friends since Second Grade by Nick

<ABS_Guest10> hello do you live in indiana
<Nick> yes
<ABS_Guest10> are you nick goings
<ABS_Guest10> hello nick
<ABS_Guest10> hey do you live in ft wayne
<Nick> yeah, howd you know?
<ABS_Guest10> are you nick goings
<Nick> ...
<Nick> who is this?
<ABS_Guest10> this is cameron
<Nick> cameron what?
<ABS_Guest10> Nick its me your best friend since second grade
<ABS_Guest10> in naperville
<Nick> ive had lots of friends since second grade
<Nick> which cameron are you?
<ABS_Guest10> Nick the last name is strassman
<ABS_Guest10> ring a bell
<Nick> oh s**t
<Nick> hey
<Nick> hows it going
<ABS_Guest10> pretty good hey can you come during howleen
<Nick> i dunno
<Nick> me and my boyfriend might be doing something
<ABS_Guest10> are you a girl
<Nick> ...
<Nick> no
<Nick> dude its me
<ABS_Guest10> oh nick hey
<ABS_Guest10> remember zack
<Nick> uh, yeah
<Nick> im going out with him
<ABS_Guest10> hey why are you going out with zach
<Nick> because we are in love
<ABS_Guest10> hey can you come over on holween
<Nick> can zach come to?
<ABS_Guest10> zach in arizona sure
<Nick> wtf?
<Nick> not that zach
<Nick> zach rothman
<ABS_Guest10> who the hell are you
<Nick> dude, its me, nick
<Nick> your friend
<Nick> since second grade
<ABS_Guest10> nick goings
<Nick> im trying to come out of the closet to you
<Nick> and tell you that me and zach rothman are in love
<Nick> yes, nick goings...
<ABS_Guest10> are you nick goings
<Nick> yes
<Nick> you there?
<ABS_Guest10> hey can you come up next weeknd
<Nick> yeah
<Nick> will your parents be home?
<ABS_Guest10> who is zach rothman
<ABS_Guest10> yes they will be home
<Nick> my boyfriend
<Nick> oh
<Nick> well
<Nick> if we go in your room
<Nick> could we...
<Nick> mess around?
<ABS_Guest10> are you gay or something
<Nick> yes, im gay
<Nick> well
<Nick> sort of
<Nick> i like girls
<Nick> but i like to f**k guys more
<Nick> and i think you are hot, cameron
<ABS_Guest10> you are not nick
<Nick> yes i am
<Nick> dude
<Nick> please understand
<Nick> i know its hard
<Nick> because youve known me for so long
<Nick> but, i really like you, and i want to be friends
<ABS_Guest10> when did i meet you and where
<Nick> dude, are you serious?
<Nick> why do you have to do this
<ABS_Guest10> what was our second grade teachers name
<Nick> why cant you just accept the fact that im gay
<Nick> and love me for who i am
<ABS_Guest10> who was our second grade teachers bane
<ABS_Guest10> sorry name
<Nick> do you honestly have to ask me that question?
<Nick> after all we have been through
<ABS_Guest10> yes
<Nick> just tell me
<Nick> whats wrong with me being gay
<ABS_Guest10> you don't know
<Nick> no, answer my question
<Nick> and ill answer yours
<Nick> because i love you to much to let you persecute me for my feelings
<ABS_Guest10> nothing
<Nick> so why cant you just love me cameron?
<Nick> this halloween, ill come over
<Nick> bring some things to get you in the mood
<Nick> and ill lick your a**hole, how does that sound?
<-- ABS_Guest10 has quit (Quit: Leaving)