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 The AIM Officer 2 by Nathan Hillen -

I got to play with AIM officer earlier, this was the result

DaOgre: : Hey I hear you work for AOL?

theAIMofficer095: : Yes sir.

DaOgre: : in their tech support department, is that true?

theAIMofficer095: : My shift is over though.

DaOgre: : OH...well maybe you could help me still?

theAIMofficer095: : One question, hurry.

DaOgre: : ok well... Im having trouble connecting to AOL

DaOgre: : I just cant log in

DaOgre: : I was wondering why that might be

theAIMofficer095: : Do you have a valid connection?

DaOgre: : I dont know, I try to log in but it wont let me on

DaOgre: : How do I know if I have a valid connection?

theAIMofficer095: : Do you use dial up or a cable modem?

DaOgre: : I dont use either

DaOgre: : I use my phone

DaOgre: : theres a cord going into my wall

DaOgre: : from my computer

DaOgre: : Does that mean I have a dial up cable modem or whatever?

theAIMofficer095: : Dial up sir.

DaOgre: : oh ok

theAIMofficer095: : Change the connection to home.

DaOgre: : so why wont it connect?

theAIMofficer095: : The location rather.

DaOgre: : how do I do that?

theAIMofficer095: : On AOL.

DaOgre: : the location connection?

theAIMofficer095: : Sign on screen.

DaOgre: : which window do I choose

DaOgre: : I dont have sign on

DaOgre: : just File

DaOgre: : Edit , print, window and sign off

theAIMofficer095: : Excuse me sir you are connected right now arent you

DaOgre: : how can I be connected?

DaOgre: : I cant log in

DaOgre: : it says the password is invalid

theAIMofficer095: : What are you using right now.

DaOgre: : every time I try to load up the website

DaOgre: : I dont know, a pen and paper

DaOgre: : and I think I wrote it down right

DaOgre: : but maybe the ink smudged?

theAIMofficer095: : You are a stupid ass retart.

DaOgre: : whats a retart?

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