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 Lexi by Ashley

Subject: E-mail_from_website_visitor
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 19:20:46 -0600

hi . my name is ashley.. aka lexi ( dont ask-long story)..your site is great i go to it all the time.. my teachers here at jefferson.. here in minnesota HATE your site.. im really sorry.. i dont know why they do... i write stories too.. and yes of course they all make perfect sense!(well at least to me!)....,,. heres my latest ones...

*my bday!*

just wanted to say its 11|19|02 .. my bday is exactly 1 month from now.. on 12|19| !! aint that cool?? ill be 17! just thought ide share that with u wonderful people!!..

*the pink bunnies....*
one day while i was walking with my friend down the sidewalk whn we saw a pack of pink bunnies!.. we went "awe how cute".. and then they all jumped at us and attacked us!!!!! all the fluffy bunnies!! then from behind the there stood the grim reaper with his big scary scythe! wow... scary... he trained the evil bunnies to attack people!! the odd thing about the grims face ..was that.. he didnt have one!! it was crazy!!!.., and then all the bunnies bowed(sp?). down to us and then all went back to the way they were before.. huddles together munch munch munching on the green grass... my friend laughed and pointed at the bunnies... so the tinyest bunny came over looking very very cute--and then he bit her leg off.. and burped.. so naturally i said "excuse you"... and helped my friend hopp like a bunny all the way home.
*the cable dude*

okay, so we all hate the cable guys!.. we all know this whether u admit it or not.. i found a poem and i thought ide share it with u all.. " i really hate my cable guy, he makes me wait all day, now there is a guy i really dont want to pay.. then one fine day i really got my wish.. i murdered my cable guy and then i got a dish!",, isnt that grand?!?!!? its funny!!

*the moon*
one day i thought hmm. isnt the sun annoying? i wihs i could make it so it wasnt so frickin bright!... so i spent my years building a huge ladder out of toothpicks and finally was able to reach the sun!,, i tried throwing a big blanket over it--but my aim was off and i missed.. it was also way too small to fit over the whole thing.. so then i tried to use a remote control and hit the "brightness " button.. but that didnt work to swiftly either.... i was running out of ideas so i went all the way back down.. returned ten days later with a bucket of paint and a paintbrush.. i tried to paint it black.. but for some odd reason the paint wouldnt stick to its surface... and so i retreated down again.. as i sat on my prch wondering what to try next i said.."i wish i could keep the sun up instead"... so i tried my last and final idea!!. i climbed that ladder 10 times faster than i had before... i took the hammer in my fist and slammed it into the sun..WOW!!! i was right!! i worked .. i broke the sun and it crumbled into peices and hit the ground.. now there was complete darkness in the midle of the day.. so i lit 16739804732640200 candles and cleaned up the mess of the sun.. put it into garbage bags and took the trash out as well. i was so proud of myself!.. i was finally rid of that darn sun!! now darnkess was the fate of it all. .. oh how much i love the darkness... it was so great!!!.. and then at night.. the moon came up!! YAY!!! i exlaimed with joy...oh how i did love that moon.. the beauty of the full moon. its so.. so whats the word.. Mysterious!,, i love it soo much...!!!!.. and then after a few days.. the moon stayed up like i wanted it to.. i had gotten my wish. it had replaced the sun!! yay!!! yippeee!! i threw a party to celebrate.. but it was odd.. no one showed up. they couldnt see in the darkness im guessing. hmph! their loss.., after a month of only the moon.. it began to bug me also.. it seemed that it was growing brighter... i wondered what that was all about.. and then i looked out my window and realized just how close the moon really was... hmmm.. i had an idea..! a good one.. really!!!.., i got up a bunch of scarfs and hung them over the moon- every week the moon emitted a different glowing color.. it was so beautiful!!.. then i finally got annoyed with having to change the colors every week. i also ran out of colors. the only ones left were puce and puke green!!! yuck! :P~... as i gazed out my window at the moon... i got annoyed with the way it seemed to always glow reminded me somewhat of the sun, so i made a ladder out of forks (i just happened to lose my toothpick ladder somehow!)... and i made that fork ladder reach up into the sky.. i had to make it a little higher than the one for the sun.. since..well.. the moon was slightly higher. the first thing i tried was to smash it with a hammer-since that had worked for the sun.. but it did NOT work!!!.. that darn thing stayed thre still as a rock!.. it was nuts!!! i tried many things.. the paint again(didnt work).. a sheet again(didnt work)..i tried shooting it with a bb gun (didnt work)... tried rocks with a slingshot (didnt work).. i was soon running out of ideas... *sigh*.. it was horrible every night it seemed to emit the same glwoiung light as the day before. it annoyed me soo much i couldnt stand it!. i thught and thought and thught some more.. but i could NOT find a good thing to do to get rid of it..i colored a HUGE poster of blackness and tried holding it up in front of the moon.. the light glowed through it.. man!! this really sucks! i thought to myself... and then i asked a friend for help.. my friend was a toddler .. and all she said was " ice qweem"..(u know.. ice cream)... and so i took her idea and filled up a cannonball slingshot thingy with chocolate ice cream, and flung it at the moon!.. it froze the thing and it crashed down to the ground!!! "ahhh total and complete darkness " i said happily.. i thanked my friend the toddler, for her brilliant idea. i had gotten rid of the sun and the moon- and now there was complete darkness for once and all.. everyone had to buy 84326769873464532745349735675697463749532738218647564686875367486378634786367846387432 candles for their houses and whatnot so they could get at least a little light. it was fun.. until we all got sick of the darkness and bumping into things and always stubbing our big toes! it hurt! .. so i came up with a bright idea!.. we worked and worked and worked some more.. until we had succeeded in making the hugest most gimongous flashlight in man(woman)kind. i propped it upright and had 2 of my friends help me- we flipped the huuge switch up and it turned on and light up everything! we did it!! we had light again!!! we all celebrated every day for the next month!.. and whenever we get sick of the light.. we just flip the switch.! . the end.

one fine day my friends and i wanted to go swimming.. so we did. and had a lot of fun.. and we wanted to try something new.. so i filled up a pool with pudding.. and we swam.. and ate.. and swam and ate.. until we all got sick and barfed in that pudding filled pool. we didnt want to swim in that anymore since it was all gross and pukey. so we waited a few weeks to think up something new to do. i found a good idea.. and filled up a huge pool with purple jello that tasted like chocolate. and then we let the penguins free from the zoo.. and we all went skating on the jello pool with the penguins we got from the zoo. it was a fun fun fun time!.. now i want to find pink pudding that tastes like grape.. that would be fun to fill a pool with. and then we could all swim swim swim.. or skate skate skate.. or something else.. and it would be a joyus occasion. the end.

*one day*
one day i was walking to my bus.. and i got on it. then rode to my bustop and then i walked home. and it was normal.. like every day. the end

(more to come later!! i promise!!)) lexi covencraft
i have aim too.. lexicovencraft16, daevilbutterfly6. talk to me sometime!!(if u can..i promise to be "normal") hehe.