Greatstuff by Iod

nichomachea79: ummm... okay... so you know what this is about... but I can't understand you...
nichomachea79: it's my account...
nichomachea79: it's relatively new...within a month
iodFuse: what account?
iodFuse: aim?
nichomachea79: the one that is blinking...yes aim
iodFuse: oh
iodFuse: yeah the person who used it before you probably did illegal things, so they are monitoring your conversations
nichomachea79: person who used my account?
iodFuse: they discontinue the names of people who were doing illegal things
iodFuse: so other people can use the account name
nichomachea79: but this just showed up today
iodFuse: yeah
iodFuse: they dont always moniter you
iodFuse: but they are when its blinking
nichomachea79: so, how do i get rid of it?
iodFuse: get a new account name
nichomachea79: who are they?
nichomachea79: this is creepy
iodFuse: aol code enforcement and sometimes fbi
iodFuse: i heard about a guy that had nsa on him
nichomachea79: *laughs* hmmmm... my account isn't very exciting... they will probably stop monitoring soon.... right?
iodFuse: maybe
iodFuse: but they read your convos while its blinking
iodFuse: and they look your sites
nichomachea79: you're serious
iodFuse: yeah
nichomachea79: so how did you find out about this?.... i couldn't find anything in help or on aim website that explains it
iodFuse: i was talkin to some friends on irc
iodFuse: one of them did a traceroute and it went to the fbi server
nichomachea79: how sad... i only have one person on my buddy list... they aren't going to have much fun...
iodFuse: he told me
nichomachea79: man... i'm going to have to read the privacy information again... you'd think they would have to let you know this could happen
iodFuse: i know right
iodFuse: most isps dont even show when your being monitered
nichomachea79: nice...
nichomachea79: well thanks man...
iodFuse: no problem
nichomachea79: i thought it was some sort of warning or block or something...
nichomachea79: bye
iodFuse: later