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 FBI Agent by skillsh0t

180 skillsh0t 05/16/2003 8:06 AM

OK here's one, when you load the chat box with vic you get to pick what shows as their name and your name. I ussually use default...

FBIAgent982329: Logging ON

FBIAgent982329: Please take your hand off the mouse and keyboard and do not shut off your computer.

Suspect: What? Why?

FBIAgent982329: We have found trace reports of you downloading from numerous child pornography websites.

Suspect: Um, I don't know what your talking about.

FBIAgent982329: Sir, just stay right their. You have been caught in a sting operation, just wait there, we have already sent out a unit to your address.

(This is where I goto his nifty ©Quikken program where he has his address set to automatically print on envelopes, isn't it great =)

FBIAgent982329: We are sending 2 (two) mobile units to this residence [####] Twin Oaks Drive Tacoma, Washington

Suspect: I didn't buy anything though.. I just looked.

FBIAgent982329: When you veiw a website you download the images for veiwing sir.

Suspect: The website said all models were over 18.

FBIAgent982329: Sir, we are referring to the files found in your Kazaa Shared Files folder. Not your internet cache.

Suspect: That doesn't even tell me how old they are.

FBIAgent982329: We are referring to the files "Kiddy pOrn Slut younger sister" "Preteen lolita slut f***" and "Underage at nude camp"

(The guy then trys to delete the files)

FBIAgent982329: Sir please take your hand off of the mouse. And step away from the computer, they should be there any minute. When they get there you need to cooperate by opening the door and then follow the agents instructions.

Suspect: OK

Suspect: I need to call my lawyer first.

FBIAgent982329: No sir, please leave your phone line clear.

Suspect: If I don't answer I'm using the restroom.

FBIAgent982329: OK

The guy didn't say anything else and then about... 2 weeks later his computer shut off and it never logged onto the interenet since... =)

He was [a] phyciatrist too...