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New  Rumsfeld  Plans to invade Iraq are ready, but that spoil-sport Powell disagrees  Sept 1 10k 
New  Hamid Karazai  We need more prostitutes in Kabul, Too many GI's around  Sept 1 9k 
New  Bin Laden  I dare you open the attachment  Sept 1 260M 
New  Arafat  I am am waiting for an invatation to your ranch  Sept 1 1k 
New  Clinton  If you invite Arafat don't let him kiss you  Sept 2 13k 
New  Arafat  I gabe instructiuons in Arabic to stop suiciders  Sept 2 19k 
New  Arafat  I am still waiting for your invitation  Sept 2 1k 
New  Arafat  If you invite me I promise not to kiss you  Sept 2 10k 
New  Condolezza Rice  Arafat is spamming your email, don't answer him  Sept 2 9k 
New  Bin Laden  You coward you still don't dare to open my email !  Sept 2 261M 
New  Mohamed Ata  You think I;m stupid to kill myself, try and catch me  Sept 3 47k 
New  Arafat  I promise not to kiss Mrs. Bush  Sept 3 1k 
New  Aschroft  We caught a terrorist with a bomb in his crotch?  Sept 3 10k 
New  Rumsfeld  When are we going after Iraq? Wolfowitz is pressuring me  Sept 3 1k 
New  Powell  I have to see you, am I still Secretary of State  Sept 4 1k 
New  Sharon  It looks like I am entering Gaza before you attack Iraq  Sept 4 1k 
New  Kofi Anan  I don't seem to have any work to do, shall we close down the UN?  Sept 4 6k 
New  Blair  Forget what my wife said, I am on your and Sharon's side  Sept 4 1k 
New  George Bush, Sr.  Idiot, I told you not to cry in front of the camera  Sept 4 12k 
New  Sharon  Idiot, I told you not tomention Palestinian state  Sept 4 19k 
New  Clinton  Don't foll around with any of the secretaries I appointed  Sept 4 1k 
New  Sharon  I need more money to fight terrorism  Sept 5 21k 
New  Mubarak  I need more money to fight terrorism  Sept 5 21k 
New  King Abdullah  I need more money to fight terrorism  Sept 5 21k 
New  Mullah Omar  Your Kabul embassy is refusing to give me a visa  Sept 5 11k 
New  Castro  Attached is my invitation for you to visit Cuba  Sept 6 750M 
New  Prince Abdullah  Is the price of oil low enough for you?  Sept 6 54k 
New  Bin Laden  How about meeting in Geneva to iron out our differences?  Sept 6 100M 
New  Milosevic  Help me get out of here and I promise to help Sharon  Sept 6 15k 
New  Saddam  If I resign can I retire in the US?  Sept 6 89k 
New  Mrs. Cheney  Please ask Dick to leave his bunker, 12 months there is enough  Sept 6 1k 
New  AIPAC  Attached is your speech to the UN  Sept 6 1M 
New  AIPAC  So far you're OK, I gave orders to have Jeb Bush reelected in Florida  Sept 7 99k 
New  Laura Bush  I told you the Pope is not to be addressed at the Dalai Lama  Sept 7 5k 
New  King Abdullah  You didn't tell me that you plan to attack Iraq from Jordan  Sept 7 1k 
New  Tenet of CIA  We cannot find any prostitutes willing to go to Kabul  Sept 7 8k 
New  Ashcroft  I am sending a historic Bible by courier, autographed by God  Sept 7 6k 
New  Bin Laden  Attached is my itenerary for the next year  Sept 7 900M 
New  Falwell  Don't forget your daily prayers  Sept 7 8k 
New  Al Jazeera TV  We have a new video from Bin Laden, do you want to see it first?  Sept 7 2k 
New  Colin Powell  Please remember that Brazil is in South America, not in Africa  Sept 7 1k 
New  Condolezza Rice  Sharon says he likes my legs, is that why he comes here so often?  Sept 8 3k 
New  Rumsfeld  I suggest we include Germany in the Axis of Evil  Sept 8 3k 
New  Hamid Karazai  Attached is an invitation for you and Mrs. Bush to a wedding in Kabul  Sept 8 100k 
New  Arafat  We ran out of toilet paper at the compound, can you help?  Sept 8 4k 
New  Sharon  If Arafat asks for toilet paper refer him to me  Sept 8 1k 
New  Hamid Karazai  Why pays my salary? We have no money in Kabul  Sept 8 2k 
New  Hamid Karazai  The Afghan is ready to support your invasion of Iraq  Sept 8 2k 
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