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 ABS Cult and Army by |Ubersponge|, Dark_Moi, Overlord_45, RyGuyX

<|Ubersponge|> I think ABS need a cult and army.
<Dark_Moi> chikara fansubs
<Overlord_45> i call a command position
<Dark_Moi> me 2
<|Ubersponge|> I call subcommander!
<Dark_Moi> and since i dont have a religion
<RyGuyX> I call treasurer!
<RyGuyX> muahahahahaha
<Dark_Moi> i call to be the preist of the cult
<Dark_Moi> :)
<|Ubersponge|> I call subcommander! (that isn't suicidal and isn't in a high risk position of being killed etc.)
<Overlord_45> head of the elite guard, that's what i call
<|Ubersponge|> I call Flamethrower-User.
<Dark_Moi> hi overlors
<Overlord_45> captain of the ordinators, if you prefer
<RyGuyX> I call female-discipline officer!
<Dark_Moi> *overlord
<|Ubersponge|> Ry, are you female?
<RyGuyX> no
<RyGuyX> what i mean is to discipline the females
<|Ubersponge|> Hmm.
<Dark_Moi> i call psycho priest killer of other religions
<Dark_Moi> :)
<Dark_Moi> sooo anyways
<RyGuyX> I call camp counciler!
<RyGuyX> sooo anyways
<Dark_Moi> what is going to be the cult about?
<RyGuyX> um...
<Dark_Moi> what are whe worshipping?
<RyGuyX> The Allmighty Jim!
<RyGuyX> he's 80 feet tall and solid chrome!
<Dark_Moi> Jim?
<RyGuyX> and resembles a... shroom
<Dark_Moi> ok... works with me
<RyGuyX> ha!
<Dark_Moi> :)
<|Ubersponge|> Right, so right now we have One: Head of the 733t ABS Worshipers who are Armed, One: Subcommander/Flamethrower User of the 733t ABS worshipers who are armed, One: Psycho Priest, and One: Camp Councillor, anyone else?
<Dark_Moi> Why not make it platinum'?
<RyGuyX> that's too expensive
<|Ubersponge|> Stainless Steel is good.
<RyGuyX> maybe we'll upgrade him with the banks that the cult members rob
<Dark_Moi> ok
<RyGuyX> yes! we will upgrade him!
<Dark_Moi> yeah
<|Ubersponge|> Nah, people'd be dishonest and chip away at his foundations.
<RyGuyX> that will be the basis of the worship!
<RyGuyX> to get money to upgrade Jim!
<RyGuyX> ha!
<Dark_Moi> ok
<RyGuyX> I'm a psycotic genius!
<|Ubersponge|> You still get no promotion.
<RyGuyX> I know
<RyGuyX> I'm camp counciler
<Overlord_45> you have me
<RyGuyX> ... counseller
<|Ubersponge|> You must do great deeds of good for ABS, then you get promotion
<Overlord_45> captain of the ordinators
<Dark_Moi> we have to start off small
<Dark_Moi> ...but solid!!!
<|Ubersponge|> Hmm.
<RyGuyX> Can I be the coordinator of schemes?
<|Ubersponge|> tin foil should do.
<RyGuyX> Tin foil!
<Dark_Moi> yeah!
<RyGuyX> and 8 feet, not 80
<RyGuyX> he grows bigger as more people join
<|Ubersponge|> We grow from there!
<RyGuyX> yes!
<RyGuyX> now we need to recruit some homeless people to get started!
<|Ubersponge|> I wonder is AB is watching this.
<RyGuyX> :D
<Dark_Moi> yeah!
<|Ubersponge|> Yaaay! Homeless People!
<RyGuyX> We can pay the homeless people in cans to recruit others
<Dark_Moi> i'm just treaten people to join the cult on my catholic school
<|Ubersponge|> Rabble of an Army! BUT WAIT UNTIL THEY STORM THE GOLF COURSE!
<Dark_Moi> yeah!
<|Ubersponge|> Rabble of an Army armed with GOLF CLUBS!
<RyGuyX> :)
<Dark_Moi> yeah!
<RyGuyX> no... they're too expensive
<Dark_Moi> its gonna be just like that bradd pit movie...
<RyGuyX> unless you get cheep ones
<Dark_Moi> :)
<|Ubersponge|> No no no..
<Dark_Moi> whut was it
<Dark_Moi> ?
<|Ubersponge|> If we have an army of homeless people, the first target will be golf courses!
<RyGuyX> yes!
<RyGuyX> we'll raid the gold courses!
<|Ubersponge|> then we steal golf clubs!
<|Ubersponge|> And golf carts!
<RyGuyX> allready said that, i'll shutup
<RyGuyX> :)
<Dark_Moi> o yeah figt club
<RyGuyX> yes! golf carts!
<|Ubersponge|> We'll CONVERT ONE TO A MOBILE TANK!
<Dark_Moi> yes thatl work
<RyGuyX> we need some guns
<|Ubersponge|> All you have to do is hope that somone doesn't come over and kick it over
<RyGuyX> right!
<Dark_Moi> mmm
<RyGuyX> :)
<|Ubersponge|> I have a BB gun!
<Dark_Moi> i think i can geet us some
<Dark_Moi> get
<Overlord_45> i have a slingshot that can fire probably a hundred feet
<|Ubersponge|> After the golf course, we go to steal guns! Lots of guns!
<Dark_Moi> at my school
<RyGuyX> Homelessmen armed with beebee gun tanks!
<Dark_Moi> i have a paitball gun... is that gonna work?
<RyGuyX> We'll need to train some Homelessmen
<Overlord_45> mount that puppy on a golf cart and you've got an instant siege machine
<RyGuyX> Paintballguns hurt, that'll be fine
<|Ubersponge|> Yeah..
<RyGuyX> yes!
<|Ubersponge|> Yay!
<Dark_Moi> cool
<|Ubersponge|> Ooh! And I have fuzzy dice and pepper spray!
<Dark_Moi> i can steal some
<Dark_Moi> :)
<|Ubersponge|> And a BIG STICK!
<RyGuyX> Pepper spray!
<RyGuyX> ...ooooh!
<Dark_Moi> this ill be good!
<Dark_Moi> oh oh...
<RyGuyX> We can rig the can of pepper spary to explode on impact!
<|Ubersponge|> Ow.
<Dark_Moi> i have a bamboo sword!
<|Ubersponge|> Painful!
<|Ubersponge|> So do I!
<|Ubersponge|> You don't do Kendo do you?
<Dark_Moi> i do
<|Ubersponge|> AAAAAH!
<Dark_Moi> i have a shinai
<|Ubersponge|> Rank?
<Dark_Moi> thats whut its called actually
<|Ubersponge|> I know.
<|Ubersponge|> I do kendo as well.
<Dark_Moi> hehehe j/k
<|Ubersponge|> Yon-kyu
<Dark_Moi> i want to thoug
<|Ubersponge|> Hmm.
<Dark_Moi> i dont
<Dark_Moi> but i wanna
<Dark_Moi> ok back to conkering world plan
<RyGuyX> right
<|Ubersponge|> Yes.
<RyGuyX> we'll need some people suffering from depression!
* RyGuyX laughs evily
<Dark_Moi> i'll use my sword to hit homless people into joining the army!
* wassup has joined #albinoblacksheep
<RyGuyX> yes! hit the homelessmen!
<|Ubersponge|> Hmm.. I suggest when we invade the golf course we get camouflage and rubber dingies to traverse the hazardous terrain!
<RyGuyX> aha, excellent thinking
<Blinx> lol
<Dark_Moi> yeah!
<|Ubersponge|> Blinx! JOIN OUR CAUSE!
<Dark_Moi> my town is swarming with those
* Blinx joins
<|Ubersponge|> You get to be Appointed..
<Dark_Moi> whut do u call?
<RyGuyX> We're going to do some R&D on rigging a can of pepper spray to explode on impact... it will be our most prized weapon of mass annoyance!
<Dark_Moi> ok
<Dark_Moi> i'll use my paintball and my shinai to get followers
<RyGuyX> That will show those golfers! Jim is king! and he's made of tinfoil!
<Dark_Moi> and 5 dollars
<Dark_Moi> :)
<RyGuyX> no wait, Jim is god!
<|Ubersponge|> Soon to be made of more precious metal!
<RyGuyX> yes
<RyGuyX> if you join now!
<Dark_Moi> yes!
<Dark_Moi> and after i get some followers
<RyGuyX> We will beat the homeless into mindless submission!
<Dark_Moi> i'll sabotage the school to get some dough!
<|Ubersponge|> So. Blinx, What do YOU want to be in this cult?
<Dark_Moi> Muahahahahah!
<|Ubersponge|> And I'll go steal a golf cart!
<Dark_Moi> hell yeah
<Overlord_45> i have a can full of nails
<RyGuyX> And out of those homeless, we will pick out the best of them and train them to be... the Homelessmen, the backbone of our army, who operate the Golfcart-Tanks!
<Dark_Moi> i'll soon have a small army to command!
* Looking up AB|coding user info...
<Dark_Moi> yes very good indeed
<|Ubersponge|> Soon.. We will control small golf-oriented towns.
. <RyGuyX> yes... muahahahaha
<Dark_Moi> and i'll show those snobs at my school whos boss!
<|Ubersponge|> Mwahaahahaha!
<Dark_Moi> and they will be forced to join us!
<Dark_Moi> bringing us more money!
<|Ubersponge|> Or be hurt painfully!
<|Ubersponge|> And iritated!
<RyGuyX> And by the year 2008, we should have an army large enough to take over France!
<Dark_Moi> yes!
<|Ubersponge|> No..
<|Ubersponge|> They'll surrender first!
<Dark_Moi> very painfully
<RyGuyX> lol
<RyGuyX> I know!
<|Ubersponge|> AHahahahahaa!
<Dark_Moi> ok
<Dark_Moi> now we have to spread the locations
<|Ubersponge|> I take canada, there's a lot of homeless people here, and a lot of golf courses.
<RyGuyX> I got the US :)
<Blinx> ill be pope
<RyGuyX> lol
<Dark_Moi> i take mexico
<|Ubersponge|> I'll be el Presidente!
<RyGuyX> I'll be the evil scheme coordinator
<Overlord_45> i say we need more secret bases hidden in the woods
<Dark_Moi> nope
<Dark_Moi> i'm pope!
<Dark_Moi> yes yes
<|Ubersponge|> Yes.
<Dark_Moi> i'm the cleric leader!
<RyGuyX> We should inform the Homlessers (the infantry of the homeless) to make sure and steal everything they find on the golfers!
<|Ubersponge|> Only meters from the Golf Courses!
<RyGuyX> Golf courses often border woods...
<|Ubersponge|> And... And...
<Dark_Moi> yes
<RyGuyX> perfect!
<AB|coding> abs
<Dark_Moi> thatl work well
<|Ubersponge|> With free pr0n for all those who obey!
<AB|coding> reaches mass people
<|Ubersponge|> Yaaay!
<|Ubersponge|> The almighty one listens! Bow down and bask in his almighty gloryness! We will worship you! AND Jim! Yes! YAAAAAY! Harerujia!
<Dark_Moi> and by the year 2008 Jim will be like the size of the empire state of not larget!
<Dark_Moi> larger
<|Ubersponge|> Freaking large shroom.
<Dark_Moi> LARGER!!!! MUahahahahaha!
<RyGuyX> :D
<RyGuyX> lol
<Dark_Moi> yes we must...
<Dark_Moi> :D!
<Dark_Moi> lol
<|Ubersponge|> First Golf Courses! Then Small Towns! THEN FRANCE! THEN NORTH AMERICA!
<Dark_Moi> THEN THE WORLD!!!!
<RyGuyX> hahahahaha
<Dark_Moi> ahsahahahahaha
<|Ubersponge|> Somone saving this convo? BECAUSE THIS WILL BECOME OUR RELIGIOUS TEXT!
<|Ubersponge|> Mwahahahahaha!
<RyGuyX> Before north america, we should take over the Middle East!
<RyGuyX> That would cut off the oil supply
<AB|coding> someone save this convo
<RyGuyX> lol
<AB|coding> this is our bible
<|Ubersponge|> True.. OIL FOR OUR GOLF COURSE!
<RyGuyX> yes!
<Dark_Moi> and we ought to have currency Ry...
<AB|coding> paypal dollars
<Dark_Moi> i will save the convo
<|Ubersponge|> Yaaay!
<RyGuyX> We'll oil up the Homless and call them the Homelesspies, they will specialize in hand-to-hand combat and wrestling and will be impossible to grab!
<|Ubersponge|> Yes! Homelessspies!
<Dark_Moi> yes...
<|Ubersponge|> And Homelessers! And then the ELITE TROOP! THE HOUSED PEOPLE!
<RyGuyX> LOL
<Dark_Moi> just like ninja...
<Overlord_45> we should knock off a hardware store
<RyGuyX> And steal the staple guns!
<|Ubersponge|> Two By Fours for all!
<Dark_Moi> we shall train them to have psychic powers!
<RyGuyX> yes, 2x4's!
<|Ubersponge|> I call the Bostich Automatic Stapleguns!
<|Ubersponge|> To train them to have psychic powers will require time.. And psychic monkeys!
<RyGuyX> We can expiriment with the homeless and see if mutations will have any positive effects when they're exposed to chemicals!
<Dark_Moi> those will be the Uber Elite team!
<RyGuyX> The Uberhomeless!
<AB|coding> are you guys willing to die fighting?
<RyGuyX> no!
<RyGuyX> just the homeless
<|Ubersponge|> Those who are housed in Houses bigger than the Housed People!
<RyGuyX> :D
<|Ubersponge|> I am willing to die!
<Dark_Moi> hahaha
<|Ubersponge|> Well not die.
<RyGuyX> lol
<|Ubersponge|> But be minorly injured!
<Dark_Moi> me 2!
<RyGuyX> Minorly injured!
<|Ubersponge|> Thusly becoming martyrs without actually dying!
<RyGuyX> *gasp*
<Dark_Moi> me 2
* RyGuyX eyes grow
<RyGuyX> we can fake our deaths!
<RyGuyX> and then fake ressurrect oursleves!
<|Ubersponge|> All the homeless will say: Look, there is our leader, HE HATH FALLEN FROM HIS LAWN CHAIR! KILL THE MAKERS OF THE LAWN CHAIRS!
<RyGuyX> lol
<Blinx> so..... yatta
<|Ubersponge|> MWAHAHAHAHAA... What?
<Dark_Moi> that will be so sweet even pure sugar will taste bitter!
<RyGuyX> I have an idea!
<Dark_Moi> Muahahahahahahaha...
<|Ubersponge|> OOooh! Idea!
<RyGuyX> We will equip homelessers with gas masks...
<RyGuyX> then cover them with anaesthetics!
<RyGuyX> and set them loose in the city!
<Dark_Moi> lest hear it
<|Ubersponge|> Ahahaah! Its the Uber-Druggie-Homeless People!
<Blinx> ive decided that i am god of the citizens in vice city
<Dark_Moi> yes
<|Ubersponge|> And then, they will run amok! Causing mass people falling down!
<RyGuyX> Ya!
<Dark_Moi> we have to have bio-chemicals!
<Dark_Moi> for bio-warfare
<Dark_Moi> :)
<|Ubersponge|> AND NOT GETTING UP!
<|Ubersponge|> Mwahahaha!
<RyGuyX> And then we send in the Cleaners!
<RyGuyX> They go around and take everyone's wallet in the city!
<|Ubersponge|> This is so good the CIA and George Dubbyah WON'T EVEN SUSPECT IT!
<RyGuyX> lol
<Dark_Moi> muahahaha
<|Ubersponge|> They'll be having a party, then he goes to go shake a homeless person on the street and give him a buck for a PR stunt, and then WHAM! MWAHAHAHA THIS IS EVEN BETTER THAN PRETZELS!
<RyGuyX> lol
<Dark_Moi> that sounds good
<|Ubersponge|> Then.. Once we claim the White House, the Canadian Parliment.. And whatever Mexico has..
* CNomad[monkey] has joined #albinoblacksheep
<Dark_Moi> and the Pinos in mexico!
<CNomad[monkey]> hi all
<RyGuyX> We send in Druggie-Homies (Homelessers covered in anaesthetic) and then the Cleaners (Homless theives with gas masks)! WE'll make fortunes!
* CNomad[monkey] is now known as CNomad
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<|Ubersponge|> CNomad! JOIN OUR CULT OF THE BIG IMPORTANT THINGS! Join now and you get important position!
<CNomad> ok!
<RyGuyX> yay!
<|Ubersponge|> You can be..
<|Ubersponge|> Uhm..
<Dark_Moi> yes!
<CNomad> Can I be Master of Unlocking?
<RyGuyX> the guy who covers the Homeless with anaesthetic!
<CNomad> oh ok
<Dark_Moi> ummm
<|Ubersponge|> Leader of the people who will give beat-downs to those on the golfcourses!
<RyGuyX> lol
<Dark_Moi> ok whatever souit you
<CNomad> well which one?
<RyGuyX> Well whatever you want
<CNomad> beatdown guy
<RyGuyX> ok
<|Ubersponge|> Yaaay!
<RyGuyX> Yayyy
<Dark_Moi> you can be the scientist for making bio-chemicals
<CNomad> what are everyone else positions?
<RyGuyX> Our first project: Pepper spray impact grenades
<Dark_Moi> i'm the cleric leader!
<RyGuyX> PSIGs
<RyGuyX> I'm changing my position to head of R&D for new weapons!
<|Ubersponge|> I'm El Presidente, soon to be claimer of Canada.
* Overlord_45 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* I_4m_7h47_15 has joined #albinoblacksheep
<Dark_Moi> i'm EL Hombre grande who will claim Mexico ...
<I_4m_7h47_15> i am arrive
<I_4m_7h47_15> :D
<Dark_Moi> ;)
<RyGuyX> I am TheGuyIntheUS who will release the Uber-Druggies-Homelessers on the US!
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* Blinx has joined #albinoblacksheep
<I_4m_7h47_15> sup?
<|Ubersponge|> I_4m_7h47_15! JOIN OUR CULT OF THE BIG IMPORTANT THINGS! Join now and you get important position!
<RyGuyX> we have a cult!
<I_4m_7h47_15> =o
<RyGuyX> lol
<I_4m_7h47_15> shibbatomic
<I_4m_7h47_15> where do i sign up?
<RyGuyX> Uh
<I_4m_7h47_15> :D
<|Ubersponge|> I have a list!
* RyGuyX hands him a sticky note
<RyGuyX> sign here
<Blinx> CULT O MATIC 5.3218461237856487528543333521900
<Blinx> 46
<|Ubersponge|> That'll do it to.
* I_4m_7h47_15 signs sticky note
<I_4m_7h47_15> :D
<RyGuyX> excelent!
<I_4m_7h47_15> sveetness
<RyGuyX> now to assign you your position!
<I_4m_7h47_15> don't i hafta get hazed or sumpin?
<I_4m_7h47_15> i need another excuse to be nekkid in public
<RyGuyX> Uh, do you pledge allegiance to the ultimate shroom statue that is Jim?
<Dark_Moi> mmm nope
<I_4m_7h47_15> si senor
<Dark_Moi> i think not
<RyGuyX> good enough!
<RyGuyX> lol
<I_4m_7h47_15> wewt
<I_4m_7h47_15> :P
<|Ubersponge|> Just remember: We Reward you in Free Pr0n!
<RyGuyX> YAY!
<I_4m_7h47_15> lol
<RyGuyX> Where do we get the porn?
<CNomad> the person who trains all the uber drugged up homeless people to be released.
<|Ubersponge|> Hmm.
<RyGuyX> Wanna make a buck?
<RyGuyX> :D
<Dark_Moi> sweeeeeeet
<Dark_Moi> in downtown
<I_4m_7h47_15> jah
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<RyGuyX> We need an official name for the uber drugged up homless
<|Ubersponge|> Hmm.
<|Ubersponge|> The White-Ops!
<zIGGY> Ghetto Child Inc.
<CNomad> PyshoHobos!
<RyGuyX> YES!
<RyGuyX> PsycoHobos!
<CNomad> PsychoHobos
<Dark_Moi> cool
<|Ubersponge|> Psychohobos!!
<I_4m_7h47_15> lol
<I_4m_7h47_15> sweeeeeeeeeeet
<EraseThePast> No worries I have yet returned again!
<EraseThePast> 8)
<I_4m_7h47_15> hey etp, sup?
<Dark_Moi> hey
<RyGuyX> We're organizing the cult of big important things! :D
<Dark_Moi> how can i copy the sacred text?
<EraseThePast> Same old, you?
<I_4m_7h47_15> scruffin
<EraseThePast> :l
<|Ubersponge|> EraseThePast! JOIN OUR CULT OF THE BIG IMPORTANT THINGS! Join now and you get important position!
<Dark_Moi> hey
<EraseThePast> Ok
<RyGuyX> Who wants to be the PsycoHobo prepper?
<Dark_Moi> everyone who logs in now arent that 'in' the cult
* LookOutForTheWam has joined #albinoblacksheep
<I_4m_7h47_15> i want to be the one who gets to poke them with red hot irons :D
<RyGuyX> ok!
* LookOutForTheWam has quit IRC (Quit: LookOutForTheWam)
<I_4m_7h47_15> wewt
<CNomad> the PsychoHobo Brander
<EraseThePast> Dude im gonna go smoke resin and pary that it gets me buzzed, brb.
<I_4m_7h47_15> lol
<RyGuyX> Yes!
<I_4m_7h47_15> sweeeeeeeeeeet
<EraseThePast> pray*
<RyGuyX> maybe he can think of some good ideas then
<CNomad> who is in charge of making hot cocoa?
* Cat-Poker has joined #albinoblacksheep
<RyGuyX> mmmm.... I nominate... CAt-Poker!
<Cat-Poker> what?
<CNomad> ya sounds good
<duct_tape_princess> hmm..
<Dark_Moi> hey Ry
<RyGuyX> You will be in charge of making the hot Coaco
<I_4m_7h47_15> hoorah!
<I_4m_7h47_15> cat-poker your a lucky man
<Cat-Poker> ??? why
<RyGuyX> cocoa*
<Cat-Poker> i am drunk i cant make coaco!
<RyGuyX> You get to make the hot Cocoa for our cult!
<CNomad> u have too now!
<Cat-Poker> ok
<I_4m_7h47_15> h3110 d7p, h0w r u?
<CNomad> you already said you would
<Cat-Poker> i am off
<RyGuyX> yay!
<Dark_Moi> not now
<RyGuyX> right
<RyGuyX> not now though
<Dark_Moi> for the cult!
<RyGuyX> after our first golf-course attack!
<CNomad> im planning that already
<RyGuyX> We will all drink hot cocoa!
<I_4m_7h47_15> yay
<Dark_Moi> me 2
<I_4m_7h47_15> and i will brand them all
<RyGuyX> yay!
<Dark_Moi> yay!
<I_4m_7h47_15> on their sweet dirty behinds
<RyGuyX> We still need a source for the free p0rn!
<Cat-Poker> ok cocoa is getting ready
<I_4m_7h47_15> :D
<RyGuyX> anyone in here female?
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* ChanServ sets mode: +h mrWoot
<CNomad> WOOT!
<|Ubersponge|> aha!
<|Ubersponge|> Mr w00t!
<Cat-Poker> i have lots of free porn
<RyGuyX> W00T
<mrWoot> :P
<I_4m_7h47_15> hola senor wewt
<Blinx> W00T
<|Ubersponge|> mrWoot! JOIN OUR CULT OF THE BIG IMPORTANT THINGS! Join now and you get important position!
<Blinx> !stat
<mrWoot> [General] Blinx: 629 words, 2660 letters, 25 smilies, time wasted: 7 minutes 39 seconds
<|Ubersponge|> !stat
<mrWoot> [General] |Ubersponge|: 20 words, 92 letters, 0 smilies, time wasted: 0 seconds
<I_4m_7h47_15> whazza?
<I_4m_7h47_15> !stat
<mrWoot> [General] I_4m_7h47_15: 5 words, 25 letters, 0 smilies, time wasted: 0 seconds
<I_4m_7h47_15> erm
<I_4m_7h47_15> :P
<CNomad> !stat
<mrWoot> [General] CNomad: 2 words, 10 letters, 0 smilies, time wasted: 0 seconds
<CNomad> hehe
<|Ubersponge|> Who shall copy this almighty transmission?
<Cat-Poker> not me
<Dark_Moi> !stat
<mrWoot> [General] Dark_Moi: 1 words, 5 letters, 0 smilies, time wasted: 0 seconds
* RyGuyX shrugs
<|Ubersponge|> We shall preserve it as a religious text!
<I_4m_7h47_15> hoorah!
<RyGuyX> yes!
<Blinx> how could i have possibly typed that much i just left god i think your thing LIES W00T ;)
<Dark_Moi> i shall!
<CNomad> woot will you join?
<I_4m_7h47_15> wewt, you must join
<RyGuyX> How far down shall the sacred text go?
<RyGuyX> :)
<I_4m_7h47_15> ......or else
<mrWoot> NO
<mrWoot> NEVER
<CNomad> :-(
* mrWoot RUNS
<Dark_Moi> mmm
<mrWoot> BUT SURE
<mrWoot> I WLL
<Dark_Moi> i guess here it ends
<RyGuyX> ok then!