[ABS on IE7]

Phew. Everything looks like it should. This is only the first beta of IE7. The CSS bug fixes are promised to be fixed in beta 2, although it won't comply with the Acid 2 test since Microsoft considers this more of a wishlist of features rather than standards compliance. In IE7 beta 1, the last CSS 1 bug was addressed, allowing background-position to be fixed on other elements besides the body. The next version will tackle CSS 2. I believe support for HTML 4's abbr tag was also added.

You'll notice the interface has changed with tabs and a simpler list of icons. People have been questioning the blank tab and the odd position of the menu bar under the tabs.

Not in this screenshot is IE7's phishing site check. It can scan a site to see if it is verified as a real Ebay, Paypal or banking site, and give you a warning if it's just a copy trying to get your password. This is a security feature that brings Microsoft back in line with secure browsers like Firefox in the eyes of customers. However, this phishing check has nothing to do with browser vulnerabilities.