The following is a list of Validation Certificates, Verifications and Web Awards.


Valid XHTML 1.0
from the World Wide Web Consortium
Valid CSS 2.1
from the World Wide Web Consortium
Valid RSS 0.91
from the Internet Archive
Valid RSS feed
from scripting.com
Site Valet
from WebThing
WDG HTML Validator
IE 7 Ready
from Microsoft
Valid XHTML 1.0
from Validome
Validated by HTML Validator
from Mozilla


Pop-Up Free
from CISSP
PayPal account is International - Verified
from PayPal Inc.
Ebaum's World Sucks Approved
from Legal Condom. Awarded to sites that respect author's rights, unlike Ebaum's World.
from SiteAdvisor

Popularity / Likability

2003 Golden Web Award
from The International Association of Web Masters and Designers (IAWMD)
Feedster Top 500
from Feedster
Editor's Choice Award
from Bonus.com
Yahoo! Search Finds of 2005
from Yahoo! Search
Cool Site Today Featured Site
from CoolSiteToday.Com
Top Blogs of 2005
from Blogpulse