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  October 31, 2004  Halloween

This file supports a scare warning:

[Flash]Chris The Jack-O-Lantern

Now get off the Internet and go watch The Simpsons Halloween special or something. Bookmark this site for later. New file tomorrow.


  October 28, 2004  Ding, Dong, the Witch is Sick.

[Yeah, you read that right.] I'm proud to present Johnny's new flash, along with many others. Johnny has been creating flash with this site for years, and you may know him from "Amburgers & Wootbeer" or "Hewo". First, though, a set of brain games.

[Flash]1 2 Many: Counting the Stars


[Flash]The Llama Song
Burton Earny

[Flash]Use A Hoe

[Flash]Fuzzy Math
The Bots

Please realize that the quotes in Fuzzy Math are taken out of context completely, and will not make a valid argument in the ABS Debate section.

Sometimes, I think to myself, "What are them Japanese up to?" (which doesn't sound so nice.) Well, the link below has all the answers. You'll also see many other files around the net using that same song. Check out the last Windows Media (.wmv) link in the list at the end of the flash though.

I will have a fuller explaination of how these givaways work out in the near future. If you are sick of the iPod offer, you may be interested in something a little better and more useful:

Separated at birth:
[Edwards] [The Joker]

[Flash]Be Prepared... For Ralph Nader
UncleTom / AB

[23:42] <br0wnc0w> what will people make flashes about after this election is over..i just don't know


  October 21, 2004  Never Eat Shredded Wheat

I didn't want to update, fearing it would take attention away from Be Prepared... For Ralph Nader, but I'll just repost it every update until the election or something. No one will notice. I also think I should make many small political updates this week, just for fun. One or two at a time.

[Flash]Useful Voter Guide
Love In War

[Flash]Galactic Debate 2004
Rainbow Animations

It's actaully called Interweb!:

That last one was for Boston fans, not that they won it all just yet. Somebody thought I might not post it because I wouldn't want to "take sides". Jays aren't even in it this season. :(
They say if a Boston (Mass.) sports team wins, than Senetor Kerry will win the US election, since Kerry is from Mass. If a Houston sports team wins, however, than President Bush is predicted to win since he's from Texas. There's more to sports this season than it seems on the surface.


  October 20, 2004  Ralph Nader

Every American Democrat's worst fear, and every true Liberal's dream candidate. He's gonna get you. Bwahahahahaha:

[Flash]Be Prepared... For Ralph Nader
UncleTom / AB


  October 19, 2004  Where's the update?

[You lose.  Good day, sir.   Image by tyledriver]

This is the longest time without an update in a while. I've been busy with non-ABS things, but I have a new flash in the works with UncleTom in time for the US election. I'm also making some changes behind the scenes. I guess you can kill some time by visiting some archived files:


  October 8, 2004  Never ask a mouse for knowledge

This is an extemely high bandwidth update, except for Cha Cha Cha, which is a new loop from the maker of MarioQ. You can wait for the next update instead if you have dial-up. I'm so sorry dial-up users. I've been in those shoes before.

[Flash]Choclate Niblet Beans
Toxic AKA Bob Barker

Liz Dubelman

[Flash]Good to be in DC

Neko Yesterday, 08:56 PM | Post #7|
Damn...Ray Charles, Johnny Ramone, Rick James, Ronald Reagan, and now Rodney Dangerfield. It's been one heck of a year for deaths. EDIT: And all with Rs...strange

Thanks to Pursey and gprime for this update. Well, more thanks to gprime. Pursey just wanted his name mentioned. Also, I did not post the surprise yet. I thought it could wait.

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