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Chicken Schnitzel May 27, 2004

[Crazy Glue] You see, if something is funny, and you repeat it over and over again, it becomes infinitely funny, right? I still don't know what these things are called, but they are overtaking the Internet. Give them time to load.

Sony advertises music on the Web with this Interative file:

Atlantic Records is in a class of its own:

  • Bow man Sapporo (If you get too good, add a wall in the settings)

Grant Gourley is, of course, Double G Productions (TheDoubleG on ABS Forums), maker of the Smurfs Lost Episode Flash which has a home on ABS. Remember the guy who winks in the Flash? That's Grant starring as himself from his Star Trek comic. It will now be a Flash series this fall:

Oh, one more of those repeating things. I promised bunnyavenger (Phil) that this one would be posted as "a message to bunnyavenger's fans":

Kabab Koobideh May 20, 2004  


Monitor Tan May 18, 2004  

Still one of my Favourite, and it scares away new visitors too :)


These games seem to be product placements, but are fun anyways:

ABS Members seem to love using Group X Music in their Flash, so as usual here is a new Flash (by Forum Member Alejo43) featuring music from Group X:

This really works if you try it:

Old School Flash:

Free and New Software:

Mystery Babylon is Cyberspace May 11, 2004  

[SoundGarden] This is the last Weebl tribute for a while. (Not a promise.) Just make sure these aren't the last things you see and hear before you go about your day.

Poke the Bunny used to be one of the most popular files hosted here back in 2001:

Here is the REAL Kill Bill vol. 2 Trailer ;)

Yay Weebl   May 6, 2004

Now there is a live action version of "Only In Kenya" based on J. Picking's (Weebl's) famous Kenya Flash. I've also seen a kid perform a parody of this song at an anniversary party. It's everywhere!

Now, even the classic Pac-Man Video Game has a live action version; Pac Manhattan.

[Alien Bunnies]

30 Seconds   May 3, 2004

Another ABS submission by one of my favourite Female Flash authors. This is the second "In 30 Seconds (And Re-enacted by Bunnies)" Flash by Jennifer:

I am saving money on movie tickets already. By the way, Kill Bill Vol. 2 is awesome.