Photoshop Shortcuts by v_Ln

Note: This tutorial was submitted by v_Ln for use on this site.

These shortcut keys will be for the PC, but are quite similar in the Macintosh. Normally just change the Ctrl key for the Mac key (command key is it called!?) Anyways, here are some of the shortcuts I use all the time in photoshop.

It is by no means them all (as there are bleeding books written on that) just the ones I use alot.

  • D - Resets colors (foreground & background) to defualts (b&w)
  • X - Switches foreground color with background color
  • ctrl+alt+0 - Sets view at actual pixels
  • ctrl+0 - Sets view at fit on screen
  • ctrl+shift+c - Copy down (copies all visible layers not just the layer you are currently on)
  • ctrl+shift+e - Merge visible layers
  • v - Switch to move tool
  • m - Switch to Rectangular Marque tool
  • w - Switch to Wnd tool
  • i - Switch to Eye Dropper tool
  • q - change between Quick Mask and normal mode (and vica versa)
  • ctrl+d - Deselct all
  • ctrl+f - Apply last filterg
  • ctrl++ - Zoom in
  • ctrl+- - Zoom out
  • ctrl+alt+z - Step backward
  • ctrl+shift+v - Past into
  • G - Switch to Paint Bucket Tool

Dont forget as well if a tool has more than one option (like paint bucket can be a solid or gradient fill) hold shift when pressing the shortcut key to cycle through them.

Of course, there are others which I use but they are common to many programs such as:

  • ctrl+s - Save
  • ctrl+shift+s - Save as
  • ctrl+z - Undo
  • ctrl+x - Cut
  • ctrl+c - Copy
  • ctrl+v - Paste

Well that should keep ya goiing for a while - but they are worth learning as it does speed up your work alot.