Picture Cutout in Photoshop by v_Ln

Note: This tutorial was submitted by v_Ln for use on this site.

Okay, I am writing up how to do the cutout effect for Diana.

It is pretty simple - as am doing it for her I thought would use her as the model, so here is my starting pic:

[Starting image]

First thing to do is trim out all the extra stuff round edges you dont need...now you dont have to be neat as your only going to be seeing general outline - something like this is fine

[Second image]

Now you have your image follow these steps:

  1. Go to Edit >> Image Adjustments >> Threshold
  2. Adjust slider to you get a nice balance of black & white

Now you should have something like the following:

[Third image]

Now simply select the white areas and delete them out so your left with just the black bits.

Next, create a new layer bellow the layer with the black on it.

fill that layer with your selected color.

With the new layer selected, hold Ctrl & click on the black layer. This will select all the black bits for you. Now hit delete to delete them out of the bottom layer.

You can now hide the black layer.

Now double click on the bottom layer to open the layer styles palate.

Give it a drop shadow.

  • Distance = 2
  • Spread = 0
  • Size = 2

Choose bevel and emboss.

  • Size =1
  • Spread = 1

And thats it.

Just save as a png or gif and you should have something like this:

[Last image]

Try different things like delete the black instead of the white etc etc see what else you can come up with. This is just a quick starting point.