Greatstuff 4 by Edge

** 9/13/2002 (10:14:59 PM) IM with -Josh02Jennings-
Note: edge is not Gary, and does not know who Gary is.

Josh02Jennings: is this gary??????????!!!!!!!!'
Edge Cha0s: yes
Edge Cha0s: hello
Josh02Jennings: hey
Edge Cha0s: whats up
Josh02Jennings: not to much
Edge Cha0s: how have you been
Josh02Jennings: i was just searching the internet for someone and edge poped up and i was like
Josh02Jennings: ok
Josh02Jennings: i waas like sure
Edge Cha0s: oh haha thats cool
Edge Cha0s: well you got me
Josh02Jennings: yea weurd
Josh02Jennings: cuz i looked at ur profile and i saw alisha and i was like yea thats him
Josh02Jennings: hey do you know monica walters?
Edge Cha0s: i might
Josh02Jennings: yea shes hot
Edge Cha0s: oh she is huh
Josh02Jennings: i want her s/n
Josh02Jennings: baaaaad
Josh02Jennings: are you talkin to alisha?
Edge Cha0s: no not now why
Josh02Jennings: does she have aol?
Edge Cha0s: im not shure
Josh02Jennings: sure*
Josh02Jennings: o
Edge Cha0s: im typing fast
Edge Cha0s: i cant worry about spelling
Josh02Jennings: uhuh
Edge Cha0s: i like your profile
Josh02Jennings: whats does it say?
Josh02Jennings: o yea me too
Edge Cha0s: My Profile
Edge Cha0s: haha
Josh02Jennings: funny stuff right there
Josh02Jennings: so hows the ummmmmm......
Josh02Jennings: army?????
Josh02Jennings: military????
Josh02Jennings: college?????
Edge Cha0s: Ehh its ok
Josh02Jennings: where are you?
Edge Cha0s: like now
Josh02Jennings: sure
Edge Cha0s: sure what?
Josh02Jennings: yes
Josh02Jennings: where are you right now??????
Edge Cha0s: a hotel
Josh02Jennings: where? what town? city? state??
Edge Cha0s: texas fortworth
Josh02Jennings: you mean fort worth texas?
Josh02Jennings: yea
Edge Cha0s: yea
Josh02Jennings: why are you in a hotel?
Edge Cha0s: oh i met some girl at a bar
Edge Cha0s: and well....
Josh02Jennings: gary...............
Edge Cha0s: we ended up here
Edge Cha0s: yes
Josh02Jennings: GARY!!!!!!!!!!!
Edge Cha0s: what!!!!!
Josh02Jennings: HOW DARE YOU!!!!!
Edge Cha0s: whats so wrong about it
Josh02Jennings: is this the gary that i know???
Josh02Jennings: whats ur brothers name?????
Josh02Jennings: the one in my grade?
Edge Cha0s: humm lets see my brother...
Edge Cha0s: i killed him
Josh02Jennings: omg
Josh02Jennings: whats jaretts name?
Edge Cha0s: jarett
Josh02Jennings: other name that we call him
Josh02Jennings: say it
Edge Cha0s: stinky
Josh02Jennings: NO!
Edge Cha0s: sorry im high right now
Josh02Jennings: r u and alisha still together????
Edge Cha0s: well no we broke up like a week or two ago
Josh02Jennings: im sry but i cant talk to you anylonger i dont think this is the real gary edge
Edge Cha0s: well if you dont belive me then thats your falt
Josh02Jennings: ok
Josh02Jennings: bye
Edge Cha0s: ttyl

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