GRAIN sign by AB

[GRAIN sign]

"What's going on?" "What is this about?" "Hey, do you know what's happening here?" "Why is class blocked off? Is it canceled?" "Mom, can you pick me up?"

GRAIN - GrassRoots Anti-Imperialist Network. The sign in the middle. From all my knowledge about GRAIN, they are an anti-Western organization that like to steal cops' guns and spill hot coffee on them. They violently attack police and then complain about being hundcuffed or forced to the ground afterwards shouting, "police brutality". Deny it all you want.

They are made up of non-York non-student students from the US and Quebec and are somehow officially part of York Univerity. Their members such as Jaggi Singh and Leila Khaled Mouammar were caught on tape breaking windows of Concordia University and trying to beat up cops in Montreal. Some of the footage was aired on Global TV in Canada. According to GRAIN they were suspended for their "protesting", but anyone who saw what happened can tell you it was for rage and violence, something Canadian Universities have zero tolerance for.

This picture was taken with a Pentax Optio S4 Digital Camera.

Photograph taken January 27, 2005 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.