JFK Lyrics


Oh, oh, oh
One man,
Once died,
But did you know that he could read all our minds?
He was the U.S. Adam with Jack the wife.
He was a hyper-charismatic, telepathical knight.


*Even though I am better than you, I am not.*

His parents were an academic team of elites.
Their goal was to raise the future human supreme.
He smelled like the future,
His words felt like flowers,
And if he shook your hand you'd make love with it for hours.

A list? Let's.
Soldier? Check.
Flight? True.
Commie? No.
Rich? Quite.
And was he the true cousin of Sir Jesus Christ?
You f*ckin' know he was, man.

Oh, oh, oh
Made love,
Read minds,
Went inside of more than half of mankind.
Let us down, but shit, how could we mind?
He was a handsome devil
But the kind of devil you like.

Oh, oh
Wore suits,
Starred in movies that appeared in our minds.
He knew the secrets of all space and time.
And if he liked you, he would tell you,
But you had to unwind.


*You don't know it, but you are full of stars.*

"He understands my shit."
Said the short and the tall.
He saw a million faces,
And he sexed them all.
I saw him heal a zebra,
I saw him love his wife,
I saw him bless a demon and that demon changed its life.

Some secrets never aired about the sex-lord elect.
Let us go back to the start
When JFK was just specs.
No one knew
No one guessed
Due to all of his flaws
That the world's most human mo-fo
Wasn't human at all.

Oh, oh
Fake man,
Great stats,
Never sat to empty out all his crap.
How could a program love and f*ck so sweet?
He was a hyper-sympathetic telepathic machine.


*Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all
And women are even cooler.*