My Sister-In-Law's Ears

My Sister-In-Law's Ears Lyrics

Oh, hey, MC Pantz, did you know that I have a brother and his ears are so big that you can put your fist inside them?

Fist? That's nothing. Let me give you a list of things that fit in my sister-in-law's ears. It's like this:

Oak trees,
And my collection of boat keys.
Bling from my homies,
Twelve pounds of perogies
Made with goat cheese,
And even the computer and monitor which I used
When I wrote these rhymes.
How 'bout a vat of magic potion?
Maybe a whale -
Nah, the whole Atlantic Ocean.

Oh, she's approaching
A size so large,
You'll crash into her lobes
Every time you drive a car.
It's like, kids make fun of her
Because she's deformed,
Saying her ears are a blanket
That would keep them warm.
She gets hurt every time
And comes right to me.
But I don't mind, yo -
She channels satellite TV.